Really Gov. Sanford? Most Americans are Fringe

The incredible idiocy of Right Wing Republican politicians attempts to score political points by throwing the bodies of their constituants under 18 Wheelers rolling down Interstate 95 through Governor Mark Sanford's state and towards Governor Bobby Jindal's state is somehow expected.

You see, Republicans have decided to toe the line that says "We don't care about anything other than Politics here in 2009. Our vision is short-sighted and myopic, our popularity is in the shitter, but our basic values of not caring one goddamned iota about our constituants is in full evidence. Not to mention, we actually think that this is a WINNING formula going forward.

Let's explore the insanity.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has a message for the American people. The majority of you are the "Fringe" crazies of America.

Gov. Sanford, commenting on the fact that "some democrats" had said that Republican Governors possible refusal of money from the Obama Administrations just inacted Stimulus Bill put him in the "fringe" of the right wing of the Republican Party, shot back with an even more over the top for a right wing Republican fringe Governor that allowed us all to see his true colors.

"I think in this instance I would humbly suggest that the real fringe are those that are supporting the stimulus," Sanford said.
"It is not at all in keeping with the principles that made this country great, not at all in keeping with economic reality, not in keeping with a stable dollar and not in keeping with the sentiments of most of this country."

My emphasis

Oh, it just gets better in wingnuttistan! Another Reich Wing Presidential hopeful, Bobby Jindal, has even more to add. Boobie, as I must call him at this point, has decided that he would reject part of the money aimed at expanding his state's unemployment insurance.

The moral of the story?

Mark Sanford and Bobby Jindal, Republican Presidential hopefuls in 2012 think that the American People, the people that have agreed that the Obama Stimulus Bill is important and necessary in numbers too great to be EVER considered fringe, well those Americans are the FRINGE whackos of our nation.


These two Reich Wing losers are stating that over 50% of the American People are part of the FRINGE WHACKOS here in America BECAUSE they agree that the economy is in the tank and that American citizens need some help at this time.

The bastards are below contempt. Their inability to think their way out of a wet paper bag concerning the needs of and addressing the sheer destitution of many of their constituants at this time in American history should constitute that either of them, or any other that agrees with their partisan ignorance, to be thrown on the scrap pile of political history.

I know one thing. I for one, as a southern American, where these idiots seem to hold sway, will not stop in my efforts to tell everyone about the exact damning words these two idiots have spewed regarding this issue. Any others, like Haley Barbour who are stupid enough to agree with them in the short term will also be targeted for a reality check by the American people.

Oh, BTW.

Sarah Palin likes the money fine.



Anybody know how we could get some direct mailers

sent to areas of South Carolina that are most affected by the "depression" currently ravaging our country? I think many would be interested to see what THEIR elected Governor had to say about THEM.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Indigo Journal

They're on this story, too.

I wonder if we can convince Roy Cooper to take them on and sue them to at least adopt the Green Building part of the stimulus package, even if they don't take the money. South Carolina is only a 1/2 hour from my home, and I know that their environmental practices affect North Carolina.

I'm reluctant to think I know what's good

for the Republican party.

But I sure hope they keep doing what they're doing right now. It's a glorious purification process. "Are you with us or against us" in full relief.

Most people know that's a dumb way to live and govern.

You are wise in not even trying to consider what is good for

their party, since it is a full time job and then some to figure that out for Democrats and Independents.

They are seemingly pulling the nuclear option on their party at this time, however. It seems they are betting all their chips on making the Obama administration look bad instead of coming up with real reasons to be an opposition party.

We will see how it ends up. Not unlike yourself, I also hope they keep doing what they are doing. As long as we keep pointing it out.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Frontpaged with pleasure

...for another example of the circus of situational ethics.

If anyone thinks for a moment that these stimulus refusers are somehow standing up for their principles, just think back a few months.

Did these folks refuse Bush's stimulus last year for their states and citizens?

Have they ordered banking regulators in their states to deal with banks that have accepted money from the Fed's TALF or expanded discount window?

Of course, the answer is no.

It's meaningless to refuse a portion of the $800 billion stimulus signed by Obama if you didn't refuse your portion of the $2 trillion expansion of the money supply by Bush/Paulson/Bernanke.

Why weren't they opting out then? Because they have no real concern for debt, inflation or the economy. Just pure political opportunism.

Please, some reporters with access, ask where these "principles" were last year.

Ask where these principles will be when the next discount window at the Fed opens or the bank buyout comes along.


I loved Gov. Perdue's take on this.

From News14Carolina:

"I've actually said for states that don't want their money, North Carolina has a truck and will come to the capital and take their money and bring it to our state,” Perdue said on the second day of the meeting.

Exactly, Linda. Bev isn't even trying to bring home the bacon.

She is just being courteous to her fellow Governors that are too stupid and too myopic to see that they were elected to DO THE BEST for their constituants that they can possibly do.

Another point for Reality.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

And she did it with class.

She's earned more points from me in the last month than she did in the previous 8 years. I hope she keeps it up!

Where are the network news cameras?

I confess that I rarely watch network news programs, so maybe they're already on to this one. If not, however, they ought to be on the road in South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana tonight, interviewing unemployed citizens who won't be getting unemployment insurance benefits thanks to their governors' ideological posturing.

That would certainly take the bloom off Wonder Youth Jindal's rose as he delivers the Republican response to President Obama's speech this evening.

Dan Besse