Real Values Take on Rumors that Dole Might Run for Governor in '08


There have been rumors circulating that some want Dole to run for Governor.  I have avoided them since I do not see her actually leaving Washington to grace us with her presence.  Real Values, however, is welcoming Dole's bid:

What, you mean Susie Sour Grapes Myrick and her anti-immigration shtick aint setting the world ablaze?

Maybe Dole will promise to do for NC exactly what she has done for the National Republican Senatorial Committee!!!

I for one hope she DOES run for Governor in 2008. I think Attorney General Roy Cooper, State Treasurer Richard Moore, or Lt. Governor Bev Perdue would eat Empty Wig's lunch in a run for Governor. Of course if she did run for Governor, she might actually have to move to NC, which I am sure would cramp her style.

No matter what Empty Wig does in '08 Democrats in NC should be enthusiastic about the chances to re-take this seat. Outgoing Governor Mike Easley would obviously be a hell of a candidate. Even if Easley doesnt run (he says he isnt interested) there are top flight candidates, including Congressman Bob Etheridge.

Nothing brightens a day like reading Real Values take on Mrs. Dole.



Empty wig!


Yes, this would be very great news, except for the fact that she might actually move to the state. Don't we have more than enough hogsh*t already without Dull piling on?