The Real Story of 2014 Candidates and NCDP

Want the back story on the Democratic side for 2014?

In 2013, a dissident rich faction split the party and in 2014, Kay Hagan moved her campaign to Wake County where it could be handled with disregard for rules and regulations; to which purpose in 2014, Beth Wood made a libelous charge against Randy Voller of fraud, which was a bald faced lie to provide cover for the Hagan campaign move to Wake County and further the goal of the Jim Hunt faction to starve the NCDP of funds. This is the same group who tried to defenestrate then Democratic Chair David Parker - led by the Counsel of State--in favor of an ALEC member. They have also used their press connections to bash Voller mercilessly professionally, personally and politically--frankly because he is too progressive for their taste. And then Voller has had to contend with officers who worked against him constantly, including Andy Ball, Mayor of Boone and bartender.

Hagan made her bed and slept in it, to her regret, and now this same faction wants to blame Voller, the current chair. Only, with the very slim resources he had, Voller and his team in Goodwin House backed and heavily supported the judges, where we had the only real wins in 2014. And, the judges will publicly attest to the fact that Voller helped save their hides - not bad for a country boy who also pushed a Blue Ballot strategy which did in fact help county parties. All this after he paid down debts left over from the previous administration appointed by the self-same Jim Hunt faction. Again, now the Haganites want to blame Voller for Hagan' hanging, when he was kept away from that campaign but yet supported it full time. And if Hagan won, you can be sure Beth Wood would be yelling for Voller's head for some other phony reason.

The issue of 2015 is simply going to be a major attempt to blame Voller and his people for Hagan's loss - which is something they own, totally and completely in order to bring back the fat cats and Raleigh consultants (some of whom Parker had fired with more than cause). If they succeed the counties can forget any and all support for Raleigh as the fatcats will attempt to make the party about money (little good it did them this time) and to hell with those loyal Democrats in the hustings.

This is related to a previous posting about the DINOs and Blue Dogs once more working to kill off progressives in the NC Party, leaving themselves and their rich friends in control of another fruitless money fight with no strategies, no plans and focus only on them and their friends.

Is that what you want? Well, if so, support the Jim Hunt Faction and its sycophants. Oh, and listed url covers the charade of 1VC, Patsy Keever in sending a threatening letter to Democrats for the Haganites, and then trying to blame ED Casey Mann. Stay tuned, there are more skunks in that woodpile.



I Know! We will Blame It On The Black Dude

Quote From A Action Movie in the 90's Where The CIA Head Dude was looking for a excuse for His screw up in a Plot, except it was a Cook on a America Battleship

I voted for Voller, but he did screw some things up and

in doing so he left the door open for charges to be made against him. He tried to pack the counsel of state with his people in questionable fashion. He gave a couple of sweet consulting positions to some buddies of his. Also, if he gets credit for saving some of the judges, then he can take the blame for letting the R's have the Chair of the NC Supreme Court UNOPPOSED. That is an unfathomable failure of leadership.

As far as I can tell you are the only person around here grinding the Dem. vs. Dem ax. Seems very counterproductive.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Wow, Inventive, really inventive

Strikes me as somewhat inventive on part of persondem. It is not a Dem vs Dem ax, it is whether the country club Democrats rule and ignore the country Democrats and county parties -- and that question is being asked nationally by others - will the DLC/Third Way Dems, with their hands in corporate pockets rule, because they have proven they cannot lead. It also seems to me that a discussion of where we want to go as Democrats is timely and urgent. Don't you? And, personally, I want some input as to what happens, although there are those who want me to shut up and go away. Sorry. What do you want to happen going forward as Democrats. Oh, and I do insist there is a large progressive component since most Dems in exit interviews supported progressive programs, shut out as they were by voter suppression, gerrymandering and vicious voting laws. Or, did you not notice. Well, take my word and that of Rachel Maddow for it. Cherrio.



How about this Bill

We can have an adult conversation about this as soon as you and people like Chris Telesca stop calling names using labels to try to denigrate those you disagree with. You want to use those tactics with Republicans, fine. They aren't likely to try to have an adult conversation with you. The problem is that you take every opportunity to spit vitriol at the very Democrats you want to bring along to your way of thinking. It hasn't worked for you so far and I doubt very seriously that it will.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.