Read DK "Coal is Dirty"

Have we learned everything we need to know about the truth about coal? today on Daily Koss they have assembled gobs of reports about what the issues are about COAL

Many of us wonder if life without coal is possible. There is a lot of coal available. But why are we still suppose to oppose Cliffside? Why is it a difficult but important battle?
this is a great blog today.


Important resource!

It's a great diary - should be bookmarked, and the blog it's referring to ought to be part of everyone's "go to" resources. Check out the Clean Coal Body Slam at Coal is Dirty.

Clean Coal is one of those Orwellian phrases that has been used so much on teevee that many people think it's actually true. As it was pointed out in the comments of the DK diary TurnNCblue posted, Coal has a powerful lobby. They even paid for one of the presidential debates.

Coal is Dirty gives little folks like us the facts to fight the lobby. Use it.

Please. :)

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Pointing at Naked Emperors

Pat "Clean Coal" McCrory

should be in this picture too. The guy has Duke Energy Coal Dust running in his veins and if he gets to be governor, Duke will own a seat in his cabinet, right next to BofA and Wachovia who will also be well represented.

It never ceases to amaze me

when I hear intelligent people talking about these new "clean" coal plants.

I'm a frequent wake-boarder at Belew's Lake, and (some) folks around there are actually proud of their coal plant. Of course, after I tell someone their little baby puts out over 400 lbs. of mercury every year and describe a few of the health benefits that yields, I get a wide-eyed, open-mouthed stare. And then they change the subject.

I can be such a buzzkill sometimes. ;/

Well, I hope he doesn't get to be Governor

The guy has Duke Energy Coal Dust running in his veins and if he gets to be governor, Duke will own a seat in his cabinet, right next to BofA and Wachovia who will also be well represented.

That's why we need resources like the one listed above. Right at our fingertips, the science and common sense to counter the doublespeak that often emanates from mouthpieces of these corporate boards.

Progressives need to be able to calmly and logically counter every argument from the right so we don't come off as wild-eyed and crazy as we really are. :-D

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Coal Moratorium bill

Just received from Credo Action:

One of the biggest steps we must take to stop climate change is to stop building new coal-fired power plants that will emit hundreds of millions of tons of global warming pollution over their projected lifetime.

Representatives Markey and Waxman have now introduced a bill to halt construction of new coal-fired plants until they can permanently sequester their carbon emissions. I've just signed a petition to my representative in support of this bill, and I hope you will too.

We have to transition our energy economy from fossil fuels to wind and solar as fast as possible -- and this bill is a great first step.

I hope you'll have a look and take action.

I promise to "get" the link thing ... when I return from a two week vacation. :)

For those who aren't aware of this,

NCWARN is having a dance in Durham a week from Saturday (5/31). I'm pretty sure you don't have to actually dance at this dance :), plus they're going to raffle off some cool stuff.

I'll try to find a link, but please keep in mind how hard these folks have worked to stop Cliffside.

here you go:

Support this effort

There are many very nice progressive, open minded people, who read and listen, who believe that we must have coal. That we are hopelessly idealistic to oppose Cliffside.

I think the news of the arctic ice cracks...does not sink in. Very disturbing.

There is no way to convince people that Duke Energy should not use all the water in the Catawba River so that we can have coal fired plants to give us easy electricity. No no it is too idealistic to think about alternatives to coal. Unless of course, we built us some more "nucular"power plants.

I think we are all puppets. we believe what we are told to believe.

But I agree with harrison, we should all go to that dance and keep our ears and eyes open. that maybe maybe we can live without cliffside.

and our children will be better off without all that mercury

a rant I am afraid.



You have nice rants.

I think that there are more people than you think who realize what's happening. I think that they feel powerless against the GIANT corporations and lobbies that move against our interests.

That's why NCWARN is important.

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Pointing at Naked Emperors

'splains a lot, Jerimee

See, this is more evidence of your being in league with Satan. Only one of Satan's favored minions could look as squeacky clean as you do, actually sport a semblence of a halo, perfect that wide-eyed innocent look, and finally, the ultimate give-away, your own admission that the lumps of coal you got for xmas are fond reminders of what they bathe with in hell.

You are *busted* and I'm tellin' Mr. Meek.

That's cute!

When I went to school in W.V., I brought hand carved coal figurines home to my family and friends for Christmas. :)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Anyone catch Soros on NPR talking about clean coal?

I caught the tail end of a George Soros interview on NPR. He had an surprising take on this.

Basically while he thought nuclear and renewable were going to play a part in future energy production, it is essential that we do truly find a clean-ish coal method. He said that because coal was so abundant, in both the US and China (and India to a certain extent) that it is basically a given that we'll be burning it on planet earth for a long time.

I know he's a rich powerful type and maybe he's got some biased interests here, but I do think he's hit upon a cynical but possible true point, that in general people will take the easy / cheap way out, and not think about long term solutions and problems. Even if we pass laws outlawing it here, they'd burn it in China in increasing numbers as the oil prices go up.

He argued that we could fund and develop and implement joint clean coal ventures with China and prevent all that carbon from going up into the air. So yeah, part of me said "interesting" and the other part of me said "wow...good luck with that."

This is (one) reason why CWIP

should not have been reinstated via our REPS bill.

True carbon sequestration is (at least) ten years out as far as technology is concerned, and it absolutely must be a prerequisite for newly constructed coal facilities. Meaning, the 2 billion that it will cost for Cliffside as it is currently designed is being pissed away. Once carbon capture is developed, this new facility will be not only obsolete, it will probably be in violation of State and Federal standards and will require another 3/4 billion in reengineering or it will be shut down.

Now, thanks to CWIP, this will not be Duke Energy's mistake, it will be our mistake.

What is CWIP?

I know I'm ignorant on this topic.

And, playing devil's advocate, if the technology is 10 years out, what should be the alternative for the area to be served by Cliffside? Is there a need for something in that area?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Construction Work In Process,

which allows the utilities to pass along costs to the ratepayers for facilities that are under construction, even those that never get finished for whatever reason. We got rid of this back in the Eighties (thanks, Dan), but it was brought back to life by being inserted into SB-3 last Summer.

Basically, this has taken away the impetus for Duke & Progress to have to vigorously sell these projects to the bank (to secure a loan), because (we) ratepayers are now underwriting any project they can swing through the Utilities Commission. The final financial responsibility is on us now, not them, so now these multi-billion dollar coal and nuke plants can go forward without them worrying about how long it will take to finish the projects, whether regulations or permits will hold things up, etc. In other words, the return on investment is guaranteed, because they can take it out of our asses if they need to.

what should be the alternative for the area to be served by Cliffside?

As far as current (and immediate future) energy needs, existing facilities are more than sufficient. As far as down the road, it is entirely possible that efficiency measures, especially in commercial/industrial buildings (where it's needed so much) can reduce usage to the equivalent of an 800 MW Cliffside (or more).

People need to understand one thing—this project is not about taking care of our needs, it's about profits for a small group of people. Not profits from power generation, profits from a massive 2 billion dollar construction project. Thanks to CWIP, even if nary a megawatt gets generated by Cliffside, it will still be a cash cow for this elite few.

do not fear or give up

What is the point of giving up. NC warn has not given up.
WE did get the utilities commissioners to reduce approval to only one instead of two coal fired plants.
and the fight is not over.
You fight fight fight, express your opinion really. So you lose sometimes. but you still need to state your case.