Ranked Resolutions dumped by the NCDP State Executive Committee!

At the January 28th NCDP State Executive Committee meeting, Wake County Chair Dan Blue III made a motion to strike the current section 8.01 (Resolutions) from the NCDP Plan of Organization. This section required ranking resolutions after the body had voted to pass them.

I enthusiastically seconded the motion. The motion was passed by a voice vote but the vote was not unanimous. I sat in the front row and gleefully tore-up my ranked-resolution ballot - which was noticed and commented on by NCDP Chair David Parker.

Various people have been trying to get us to rank resolutions for years but it finally passed at the March 2010 SEC meeting in Durham, NC.

At the NCDP State Convention in Fayetteville, we passed something like 63 resolutions, but no one seemed to be able to rank them properly. Some ranked from low to high, some ranked high to low. Most only ranked a few. Big problem was not having a copy of the resolutions in front of us when we were voting. Big disaster - they never really got ranked properly. Sort of like IRV - nice idea, but hard to implement and voter education is very important.

And since people wanted to make sure we wouldn't be wasting our time in all the meetings we are supposed to hold from Precinct to County to Congressional District to State Convention, I can see why Dan Blue wanted to dump the ranking process: it took up too much of his time and it didn't work in 2010. And of course we saw how well (poorly) IRV worked for the judicial elections in November 2012.

Ranking wasn't even attempted in 2011. Big failure all around. Glad we got rid of it!


does this mean...

... they finally worked out who in the NCDP brings the resolutions to the General Assembly and the resolutions now actually go somewhere after they are adopted?

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

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