Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association Endorses Wayne Goodwin's Insurance Commissioner Campaign

Wayne Goodwin's campaign for Insurance Commissioner received yet another significant endorsement recently.

The Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association endorsed Goodwin's 2008 campaign for Insurance Commissioner with more than 76% of members voting to endorse him.

With such overwhelming support, Goodwin will now have the full support of RWCA.

Goodwin's strong legislative, professional, political, and personal record on issues of interest to the RWCA made the difference. Of great importance to RWCA members were his record of relevant experience and goals to continue the Insurance Commissioner as a watchdog on behalf of consumers, as well as his proven record on matters of diversity.

RWCA members heard from both Democratic candidates for Insurance Commissioner in person and posed questions to both candidates during two meetings over a 2-week period.

RWCA, as many in Wake County and the Triangle know, is a well-respected, major African-American organization in North Carolina.

To learn more about Wayne's campaign and to see the deep, diverse and broad array of support for his Insurance Commissioner campaign, then go to www.waynegoodwin.org and click on the tab entitled "Endorsements."

Please spread the word to friends, family and fellow voters in your community.