Raleigh based organization introduces: The NationBuilder Field Guide

Many of you here at BlueNC may be familiar with the widely used software platform for digital grassroots activism called NationBuilder. For those of you who aren't NationBuilder is a combination CMS/CRM platform that fosters online organizing. Last election cycle North Carolina saw hundreds of progressive campaigns (at all levels) flock to the platform to run the online operations of their committees to elect. What is interesting is that hundreds more non-profits in the state rely on the software everyday.

Today, I am writing because we are launching a campaign to crowd-fund a helpful "getting started" manual. We feel it's fitting that such a grassroots goal, should be launched by grassroots fundraising. We've been working with the software for years, and would like for organizations and campaigns of all sizes to benefit from the power of digital organizing.

Please consider supporting our campaign, which can be found here: http://igg.me/at/nbfg/x/9855478.

Feel free to contact me directly with comments, ideas, or additional inquiries.



Nationbuilder is an awesome platform

In my short-lived campaign for governor, it was by far the easiest part of getting started. Beautifully designed, inexpensive, and the support was excellent.

Too bad the rest of campaigning isn't as easy. Glad-handing, sucking up, Raising money. Kissing babies. Talking to people.


Anyway, thanks for the nice local story about some excellent technology.

PS Contribution options

It would be great if there were some easy payment option (Act Blue, Paypal (ugh, I know)) that didn't require finding my wallet and credit card number. Old guys like me have a hard time getting around the house.

Thanks for the interest!

I really appreciate your interest in our campaign James. That's awesome that you are familiar with the platform.

We're currently in the first few days of getting the IndieGoGo off the ground, so very soon there will be a PayPal option for contributions. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Also if you would like to be more involved, please consider sharing our campaign around to you networks. We think it's a great cause for organizations around the world, as well as several here in NC. Please continue to spread the word!

Blake Mizelle