Raise the budget, Dad

It must suck to have someone you live with disagree with you, Rep Stone.


A North Carolina lawmaker doesn't think it was right for his daughter and her third-grade class to write to him and other elected officials protesting possible cuts in state education spending.

Republican state Rep. Mike Stone says his daughter asked in her note to "please raise the budget, dad" and help keep two teacher assistants employed.

Stone told WRAL-TV: "As I read through this (letter), anger completely shot through me, and I was trying to hold myself together. (It's unconscionable) to know any education system would use a daughter against her father."

He went a step further on Twitter, blaming the entire political opposition, when he wrote in response to WRAL's story: "The NCAE, Democrat Party & Bev Perdue have hit a new low."

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I'm none of those

"The NCAE, Democrat Party & Bev Perdue have hit a new low."

I'm none of those and I think it is unconscionable that a Legislator, especially one with a child in school, would so willingly work to destroy our schools.