The race for NCDP Chair: Fundraising

Three of the five candidates running to serve as chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party have returned questionnaires that were created by the readers and editors of BlueNC. All of the candidates had a busy week with forums and we thank Patsy Keever, Marshall Adame, and Connie Johnson for returning their answers.


Most of the questions posed by our readers center around raising money. With the finances of the party in complete disarray, the next chair will need to be financially savvy with personal experience in raising large sums of money. Fortunately, four of the five candidates have recent runs for political office and their campaign finance reports give us a glimpse into the experience each has in raising money.

Marshall Adame

Marshall has run for political office twice. In 2008 he ran in the primary for Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional District race and lost to Craig Weber. Marshall raised around $13,300 for his primary challenge.

In 2014, Adame challenged Republican Congressman Walter Jones in the general election for the 3rd Congressional District. For this race, Adame raised under $25,000.

Marshall Adame's plan for raising money
The following is quoted from the questionnaire. Adame gave no time commitment for call time dialing donors.

...We must aggressively get our fiscal house in order through good management, smart revenue building and fundraising and prepare for the 2016 Election.
I will personally appeal to the donor class, corporate donors and our national party.

But large donors alone cannot sustain our party. I will consult with Professional fundraisers and institute the fundraising effort which will reach every North Carolinian, if possible, with our message. I will utilize every modem of communication which can be reasonably accessed to appeal to and encourage Democrats to partner with the NCDP.

I will also ask ever member of the SEC to join me in that effort."

Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever has run for Congress twice. In 2004 she ran against Charles Taylor in the 11th Congressional District when she raised a little over $1 million. In 2012 she raised more than $428,000 when challenging Patrick McHenry in the 10th Congressional District.

In 2010 in her successful campaign for the North Carolina House, Keever raised more than $65,000

Patsy Keever's plans for raising money
The following is quoted from the questionnaire. Keever has pledged 20 hours each week personally calling donors asking for financial contributions to the party.

As a former candidate for congress, I have proven experience that I can raise over $1 million. As first vice chair, I have worked with NCDP staff to help raise money. The fundraising programs that the NCDP currently have include three annual banquets (Sanford Hunt Frye, Jefferson Jackson, and Western Gala) and two appeal programs through the ASDC (Dollars for Democrats) and DNC (Victory Fund). Not only will I work to improve on these programs, I will also incorporate an online/email fundraising program that will engage younger donors. Finally the most effective way to raise money through direct donor solicitation. I will call and meet with donors so I can personally ask for their financial support on behalf of our party.

Constance L. (Connie) Johnson

Connie Johnson ran for the North Carolina Senate in 2014. She raised less than $4000 in her bid.

Connie Johnson's plans for raising money
The following is quoted from the questionnaire. Johnson has pledged to have others call 20 hours each week to ask for financial contributions to the party.

"Revenues will flow from five new sources:

Contributor calls
Membership dues --$25 annually
Conferences/County Events
3-4 large concerts
Democratic publications, internet, radio, and TV advertising"

Ron Sanyal

Ron Sanyal ran for congress in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District and lost in the primary. He raised about $7100 in his bid for office.

Janice Covington Allison

Janice has run for local office in Cabarrus County. I was not able to locate financial reports online.



Responses to the LGBT Dems Questionnaire

I figured it was better to share this here than in a blog entry focused on any specific individual running. I don't want to re-post too much content, but at least give enough of a teaser to encourage people to read on:

I think the past is often a better guide to the future than promises of actions alone. So here are the responses to the question of "What issues or causes have you previously advocated for that you feel are relevant to the LGBT community? "

Justice , Equality for all, Non-Discrimination, Voting Rights.

I have lobbied for Employment rights for all regardless of Sexual orientation and Gender Identity. Marriage Equality, Demonstrated against Amendment One, .Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Federal Anti Hate Crimes Bill and the North Carolina Anti School violence act

I have long been committed to the LBGT community. Below is a brief list of my actions:

A financial and avid supporter of Campaign for Southern Equality since its beginning in Asheville. I was among the supporters who accompanied the first group of persons who applied for marriage licenses in Buncombe County.
A longtime supporter of the LGBT community in Buncombe County and nationally.
A supporter and attendee of Youth OutRight events in Buncombe County.
Instrumental in organizing the first Mountain Moral Monday in August of 2013 in Asheville.

I am a member of a church which is a welcoming community. Our first principle is the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.

If you want to see who all responded, which comment goes with which candidate, and the rest of their responses, then please check out the link above.

Thanks Jake!

We had a meeting of our SEC members from Union tonight. I'm ready for Sunday!

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