Quirky North Carolina Law Leaves Dunn on Ballot

Despite the fact that Tim Dunn quit campaigning for Congress in the 8th district and endorsed his opponent, Larry Kissell, his name will appear on the ballot in May's primary. This is due to the fact that North Carolina law does not allow qualified candidates to quit a race. Congressional Quarterly detailed the problem:

State election law dictates that candidates who have filed and qualified to run cannot remove their names from the primary ballot once the filing deadline passes. That occurred on Feb. 28.

“He can stop campaigning, but he can’t withdraw at this point,” said Don Wright, general counsel for the state Board of Elections. “Mr. Dunn will be on the ballot.”

Add this to the number of laws that need to be changed this year.


You want to know why it stinks?

It could potentially trigger a run-off which costs far more than reprinting ballots, etc. It also puts the responsibility on Kissell's campaign to get the word out that Dunn isn't in the race.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Fucked up is more like it. I'm sure there's an historical rationale for this kind of insanity, but it's beyond anything I can understand.