Questions for U.S. Senate Candidate Kenneth Lewis

On Friday I will be interviewing Kenneth Lewis, the only candidate who has declared a run for U.S. Senate to challenge Richard Burr. Here is your chance to participate.

Please post your questions for Kenneth in the comments below. I may not be able to get answers to them all, but will do my best.

What do you want to ask Kenneth Lewis?


I was impressed with how quickly both Kenneth

and his communications director responded to my request. I think that regardless of who else enters this race we will see a strong, professional campaign from the Lewis team.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you Mr. Lewis and Betsy both for doing this!

My questions for Mr. Lewis are brimming, yet none are issue related. I'm quite sure the NRSC will ask plenty of those types of questions for all of us in the near future, and run attack ads based on his answers.

I, instead, want to know one thing parsed among many topics all leading back to the one. That is:

How do you plan to win this seat back from Karl Rove recruit Richard Burr for the working families of North Carolina Mr. Lewis?

My apologies to the greater audience at large for their interest in all the issues he might lose on. I just want to know how Mr. Lewis plans to win, only after which I will badger him to death to enact my family's agenda.

That said. Let's get the race thing out of the way. I understand race plays no part in this election on an esoteric level, and your job is to diminish its' role. But I want to hear how you'll respond to the press we all know will be infatuated with it. Especially after an historic election you helped win for our President. be blunt...can you mobilize and re-engage all those first time voters you clearly need to win? There are 67 Sundays left to meet every African-American church goer in 100 counties. I'm not sure that "GET TO WORK" is as much a question as it should be, but I eagerly await your reply about surrogates and action plans.

Second. This race will be the biggest, most expensive and most watched in the country. Some have suggested $60 million between two candidates will be minimum. Do tell how, where and how again, you will hold your own. That said, I'm very impressed so far.

Third. Since we're on the Internet, tell me what Trippi brings and how this time will be different. I'm sorry, Hagan was a fluke. There will not be another economic meltdown or Republican President between now and 2010 to point at and run against. You are in the unfortunate position of being the challenger, running in an anti-incumbent year, where the jerk in office is more an outsider than beltway bully. So let 'er rip Mr. Lewis. I don't want to hear why you're the better candidate than another Democrat in a primary, I want you to run against Mr. Burr starting NOW and tell me why you will be a more independent voice for North Carolina than he.

With that, I'll yield the remainder of my time to Madame Betsy.

But only after this, thank you Mr. Lewis for having the guts to announce and raise money.

P.S. Just one more question Mr. Lewis. Why should I give you a boatload of money right now as opposed to waiting until I see how this primary thing plays out?

Caveat: I do not now, nor have I ever worked for Lewis, Trippi or anyone else looking at this race. In fact, I supported Cal Cunningham (and still welcome his announcement!) with my daily quota of 0's and 1's on any website that would take me for as long as I could stand it. Now, I want to talk game with a winner and beat Richard Burr sooner rather than later. Let the best candidate swoon me.

Here is his web-site

You can read about him before asking questions.

He comes from Womble Carlyle and went from representing non-profit and affordable housing to Corporate and Business Law.

He has a long history of working for Democrats, From the N&O.....

He worked on Allyson Kay Duncan's campaign for the N.C. Court of Appeals.

He served as a fundraiser and organizer for Gantt's 1990 campaign for U.S. Senate.

At various times, he has volunteered and worked for Justice Frye, Gantt's 1996 campaign, Erskine Bowles' two campaigns for Senate.

He worked as a fundraiser for Barack Obama's 2004 Senate race and his 2008 presidential campaign.

My question to him would be, "What kind of Democrat would he be? Would he join the Progressives or the Blue Dogs?"

I would like to ask Kenneth where he see's himself in

terms of his political policy leanings? Does he relate more to the progressive block of Democratic Senators such as Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merckley, or perhaps more with moderate Democratic Senators like Evan Bayh or does he lean closer to conservative Senators like Ben Nelson?

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

All Politics are Local, so I would ask..

What is your opinion on the current controversy in NC over commercial wind generation in the mountains?

His answer to that question would give us great insight into several aspects of his knowledge, character, and political sensibility.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

Small Organic/Sustainable/Local farms

We all know that big Ag in the dominate player in NC.

What would you do to help the small Organic/Sustainable/Local farmers survive and thrive in NC.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I just looked up "Organic food and Populism"

No relevant results. Though I did get the defintion of Myopic losing campaigns in North Carolina for Senate..

Update: Error understood.

Senator Lewis

I would like to know which Senator do you admire the most and would like to emulate as a senator ? I also would like to know how he would describe himself as a Democrat as in Liberal,Blue Dog,or Progressive.



no, the Senate votes to fund wars and is part of Congress, a co-equal branch of government or at least it was before Bush got a hold of it.


And of course you are correct both in terms of Government and spelling.

I'm just not sure attempting to force anyone you want to win in North Carolina on record as opposed to funding our troops is the best strategy.

Furthermore, I'm still not convinced paying our troops their salary makes one pro-war, but then I don't have your sig line.

We're all on the same team here, but it's the old "it's freezing in here" versus "you should bring a sweater" office argument. I'm fat and want it more. Dress appropriately.

I understand you point too

except that part about freezing :-) but I can't vote for someone I don't know about on this issue. Thanks for understanding.

Business vs the environment

Kenneth, I visited your website and found several references to entrepreneurship, business law and prosperity, but no references to the environment, except the word "sustainable" dropped at the end of a sentence. I understand the website is new and hasn't been populated (yet) with issues and their solutions, but I need to get a feel for where you stand on environmental issues.

In reference to Global Warming/Climate Change, do you subscribe to (or doubt) the position that it's both anthropogenic (man-made) and a serious issue that requires major "steps" be taken to prevent it from getting worse?

In reference to industrial air and water pollution, do you believe that businesses should be required to utilize the best available technologies to capture/limit the emissions of pollutants, even if that technology is expensive to install and maintain?

I'll start with those two things for now. :)

On Equality

My question2 would be as follows:

  • Mr. Lewis, do you support a timely repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell? This issue is currently being discussed in senate hearings, and this is something President Obama has promised to do while in office, and so it could very well be an issue you vote on during your tenure in office if elected?
  • Mr. Lewis, where do you stand on the Employee Non-Discrimination Act that would make it illegal to fire some for being LGBT? I am particularly interested in this answer as someone who has had to make the decision, do I risk joining in casual conversations with my coworkers about what they did over the weekend knowing that doing so could get me fired because my answer was "saw a movie with my husband."
  • Mr. Lewis, do you support allowing gay couples to take part in civil marriage in this country?

I've tried asking Cal Cunningham & his supporters about his position on DADT to no avail. I know that you may not be able to to ask all 3 questions, maybe not any of them. But the first 2 questions are things that I could very much see him having vote on during his first few years in office if elected, so I'd narrow it down to those two for times sake if need be, and only the first question if that is all that time allows.

back to the books for you


I don't think you understand that Organic/Sustainable/Local farming is actually about the multiplier effect of dollars spent in a specific geographical location. Local dollars can turn over up to 7 times in a local economy. Much higher rate than big Ag, therefore the more local dollars that turn over, the less out side dollars needed to keep a local economy running.

It's Econ 101


And when all voters in North Carolina get to go to college to take Econ 101, you get to be a very effective Political Consultant!

Right now though, you're FROM THE FUTURE.

Can we please win this thing before you start helping?

Not up to your standards

Nope, I'm from a very successful present.

I'm sorry I don't measure up to your ideals but I've helped elect a wide range of people from the top drawer candidate from the ivy league schools to managing my yoga teachers successful run for mayor.

Please to meet ya.

Pleased to meet you too

You can get back to insulting my intelligence when you know me better.

It may apply.

I was going to just let it go, but...

you've shown contempt for several of the questions posted on this thread, which is (whether you understand it or not) also an insult to their intelligence. And after doing this, you actually whine about George's benign comment insulting yours? Come on.

And just to clarify: this is a thread devoted to questions people may have for Kenneth Lewis. Your attempt to stifle such questioning based on ambiguous future election concerns is duly noted, and duly rejected. Folks here have every right, and, I would posit, responsibility for trying to determine what kind of Senator Kenneth would be, if he was elected.

You asked your questions, now let them ask theirs. Please.

We have different definitions of several...

But carry on letting it go.

As well as "duly noting" and "duly rejecting," Mr. Vigilante Moderator.

Where are the emoticons around here anyway?

Steve is a BlueNC front-pager

with full admin privileges to manage our site. In my opinion, he has demonstrated admirable restraint in dealing with your comments.

"back to the books for me" then!

Thanks James for setting me as well as any onlookers like Mr. Lewis or the press straight on how this site operates.

I welcome divergent opinion. Crave it in fact. I also hope for a Senator that represents it! Alas...

Good luck running a website that requires "admirable restraint" in dealing with it.

P.S. I'm the Democrat here. You're the "Unaffiliated," remember?

You're still mixed up!

Now you're taking the Monty Python "Help! I'm being repressed!" stance, when the whole point of my comment to you (above) was to get you to stop trying to repress others! This is madness! :)

See? We allow you to construct your own emoticons, but we don't allow those evil little auto-smilies here.

Ok, cool it kids...

Back to the thread.

My primary concern is that we get the strongest Senate candidate at the top of the ballot next year. He or she will either be a boost or a drag to all those dozens of down-ballot Democrats... and it's shaping up to be a brutal year for our legislators and Congressmen.

My question is: What are the metrics that make Kenneth Lewis the best headliner for all those vulnerable downballot Dems?

Questions for Mr.Lewis

I am very happy that Mr. Lewis has agreed to answer our questions. Thanks for arranging this. My questions are:

Does Mr. Lewis support Health Care Reform with a National Public Health Option with a Hardship Waiver to assist families with children with special health care needs and others that simply can't afford one more bill?

What is Mr. Lewis's position on the ADA? Does he agree that we need to expand the ADA to protect more individuals with disabilities from discrimination?

Would Mr. Lewis be a strong advocate for families and individuals with special health care needs to ensure that they receive representation?

Does Mr. Lewis favor big business or the average poor and middle class in his decisions and positions?

Would Mr.Lewis make himself available and meet with his constituents if he is elected?

Does Mr. Lewis support the No Child Left Behind Act?

Does Mr. Lewis support Green Technology initiatives?

Does Mr. Lewis consider himself as a left leaning Democrat, a centrist Democrat, a "Blue Dog" conservative Democrat, a right leaning Republican, a centrist Republican, or a left leaning Republican?

Does Mr. Lewis support equal rights for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, income, or any other manner in which people may be discriminated against?

Where does Mr. Lewis stand on issues such as Poverty, Homelessness, Predatory Lending, Title V (Public Health Programs), and the Environment?

I think that's all of the questions I have right now. It's still very early yet so maybe once the java kicks in then something else will come to me.

Thanks for doing this!!!!

Questions for Ken

Is gay marriage a state issue or a federal issue? Do you support a person's right to marry regardless of sexual orientation?

Do you support the President’s healthcare plan currently before Congress? If not, what would you push for in changing it?

What do you think about Cal Cunningham’s remarks about working with republicans while they are bashing the President so much right now and working hard to undermine progress while offering no real solutions?