Putting more students in Modular Classrooms

The City of Raleigh has an application to change Homestead Mobile Home Park's use from mh and r-4 to mixed use. The rezoning would make way for a redevelopment proposal that would place 1,355 homes off of Capital Boulevard, along with some commercial and retail buildings.

The City of Raleigh projects that the new plan would add 599 students to Fox Road Elementary, Wake Forest Middle, and Wakefield High. The latter two are already populated beyond their capacity. Fox Road, upon the full build out, would be at 120 percent of its capacity.


The greeders are turning North Raleigh into a blight

I'll do just about anything to steer clear of north Raleigh and this news just cements my belief that the place is doomed. It's starting to feel like the north end of Newport News and Hampton, Virginia, which is one of the most unfriendly, creepy, strip-mauled places I've ever seen.

Sad, sad, sad.