Put 'em "On Notice"


Ok, I will!

You need an image hosting service

Like imageshack or, my favorite, Flickr. Upload the file there and then follow the instructions to insert the image into a comment here. (If you end up going with Flickr, I can offer more detailed instructions.)


opened an account at flickr, saved my board there....now what?


From your photos page (flickr.com/photos/username), click the image you want to post. Then, above the image, click "All Sizes." Select the size you want to post from the list above the image, then scroll down to where it says "To link to this photo on other websites you can either...." Copy the text they provide and paste it into a comment here. That's it!

Great job Momo

Congratulations . . . it was a big day for me the first time I figured out how to post a picture. You'll have to experiment with sizes . . . this one may be a little smallish to read.


PS Thanks for helping me out with Hood. I know most people don't worry too much about the John Locke Foundation's influence in NC politics, but I worry about it a lot. He and the Puppetmaster have been at it a long time and they've never had anyone calling them out. Until now.

It's great having you here.