Puppetmaster to Puppets: Kill the Minimum Wage

Judging from the frenzy of stories condemning an increase in minimum wage as the death knell of democracy, Art Pope must be in a swivet these days. The John Locke Foundation's Carolina Journal is simply bristling with studies and ruminations about the horrors of government interference in the free markets. No need to go read any of it . . . the stories are all the same. Decent wages for the working poor are bad. More money for Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope is good. Think about that the next time you're tempted to shop at Roses, which is owned by the Puppetmaster. He's not willing to pay his workers a living wage, even though he spends a couple hundred thousand each month pushing his radical rightwing agenda. The guy is become a caricature of himself. Kind of sad in a way.


buying blue

Maybe we could link to sites that keep lists of blue companies. I try to keep track of the good folks in my area and buy from them even if their prices are a little higher. You can pay for it now or you can pay for it later . . .

I always thought the Roses employees seemed really sad.

Where have you been?

I used your "conservative cannibalism" in a post on my other blog this morning and gave a nod to you. I linked here b/c I didn't know if you had a personal blog to link to. Let me know if you do.

I think there's a site called Buyblue.com or something like that. They have put out a directory for $9.95. I'm thinking about buying it. I know I saw a list somewhere.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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My partner said I was addicted so I promised I'd take 24 hours off. My only blog is here. I truly was a virgin and I guess now I'm a slut!!! Thanks for the hat tip.

Here's buy blue

At this site, they list several worthy sites that are umbrellas for many retail democratic-supporting retail entities.

Hehe...it's hard to not get addicted

I am a little bit more quiet on the blogging when John is in town. He's out of town tonight, so will be writing and researching. Glad you're back.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Minimum Wage

Art Pope and John Locke are right about combatting minimum wage. People who don't own businesses don't get it. If you raise the wage all we do is cut back the hours and staff to keep expenses level. You may make more per hour but the owner, spouse or other situation will take up the slack. Your "working poor" won't end up with more. In fact, the extra overtime hours will be drastically cut and strictly enforced.

If you really want to help the poor and raise their wages let the market dictate their job value. Want to raise that value? Send illegal immigrants home. When dishwashers, valet parking attendants, maids, and migrant farm workers become more of a scarce commodity their wages will rise quickly as employers compete for a shrinking labor pool.

I know I would pay twice the existing minimum wage to compete. But then beware, all employers would have to raise all prices on all products to cover the difference. So in the end your working poor may make "more money" and end up unable to buy more.

It isn't what you earn that determines your lifestyle. It is your buying power. Raise prices when wages go up and all you do is create more "poor".
Besides, when I was a kid I held two jobs, worked three to get started in business. I take offense to people who only work one job and expect that to pay the bills... Sometimes you have to sacrifice some sleep to get ahead.


An interesting scenario

but not borne out by my experience. I own three businesses and the situation you're describing has never come into play. I'm not saying what you're facing isn't true for you, but it's sure not true for me.

It's really a matter of choices, isn't it? Art Pope spends up to $200,000 a month on his John Locke Foundation activities to get more preferential treatment for businesses. Yet he pays the workers in his Roses stores squat.