Puppetmaster "Filled With Venom"

I don't know how I missed this story about the Puppetmaster from a couple of weeks ago, but it was a good one.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Conservative businessman Art Pope funneled money into a political group to criticize lawmakers he thinks sold out the Republican Party. Now, those lawmakers are fighting back.

"He's filled with venom and truly wants to control the entire Republican Party," said Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie. Howard retained her seat in the house despite Pope-funded campaign criticism. Rep. Stephen Laroque, R-Lenoir, lost by a handful of votes. He partially blames Pope.

"I think he's a spoiled little rich kid spending Mom and Daddy's money to buy legislative seats, and that's what he's doing and he's already bought some seats here," said Laroque. "He owns certain legislators in the House."

More below . . .

"Respectfully, it sounds like sore losers -- incumbent politicians who lost their office, been turned out of office by voters in their home districts, and they're trying to blame anyone but themselves and their voting record," said Pope.

Respectfully? Art Pope doesn't respect anything besides money and power. He has plenty of the former, and he's using it in every way possible to get more of the latter, including illegally funneling corporate money to buy NC House seats.

Pope stands by his funding of a political group that sent out critical flyers targeting fellow Republicans like Rep. Rick Eddins and Rep. Richard Morgan. They've now filed complaints with the state Board of Elections, claiming corporate money was used to mislead voters and defeat them.

"I think it's clear that he broke the law," said Eddins.

However, Pope disagrees. "That is pure, protected First Amendment speech," he said.

For the record, the board is also considering complaints against groups linked to Morgan and House Speaker Jim Black. The board meets July 12 to take up election challenges. Rep. LaRoque’s challenge is on the agenda. He's challenging dozens of disqualified ballots.

If there was ever a time for a state institution to do its friggin' job it is now. The State Board of Elections MUST make a determination about the complaint against PopeCo. The Board should hold hearings or dismiss so that lawsuits can proceed. Please contact Board Members here and tell them you want them to restore integrity to North Carolina elections.


PS I mistakenly accused Eddins of being a Puppet in a comment a few days ago. I'm sorry, Mr. Eddins, I had my Republican warring factions confused. Accusing you of being aligned with the Puppetmaster was a terrible insult, and I apologize.

PPS And for those of you who don't know who Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope really is . . .

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I continue to be amused

that the Puppets at the sanctimonious John Locke Foundation haven't enough integrity in their souls to call the Puppetmaster out on his illegal electioneering. There was a quote in 'In Inconvenient Truth' that spoke mightly to this issue:

It is difficult to get a man understanding something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. Upton Sinclair

And that, dear reader, is the only thing you need to know about John Hood and the rest of the JLF crew.

ROFL...sounds like someone's reading BlueNC

Spoiled little rich kid spending Mom and Daddy's money....

Sounds just like something you would say...and I'm almost positive you've said it!

I can't believe you missed this one either.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Had the same thought

Though I never included 'Mom' in the mix. As near as I can tell, the Pope family doesn't believe women should have any of their own money. There was apparently some kind of bitter, nasty estate thing in which Artie screwed the widow out of her inheritance so he could blow more money on his electioneering. I haven't had time to get to the bottom of the sad saga, but from all I've heard, Mr. Pope is not just a crook, he's also a sleaze ball.

Just when you think you are safe from Bush and Pope!

Are you judging me?

Their little looney puppet get courage on the 4 th and
wants to engaged in a religious intelligent design discussion.

Don't laugh! This VR best friend now!

* Max

I thought you were tolerant?

meeting..> Maxius

Quoting Nathan Tabor :

Connie, Are you judging me? I thought you were tolerant? Who is Bill? Are you afraid to meet me and discuss the issues? Guess so.

Nathan 7/3/06 9:41 PM,

Fruitloop Nathan!

You won't believe how many people think Rachel is nuts!

Bill would love to meet you and discuss the finer points of your neo-con republican hate mongering Christian up bringing.......You do understand that you are one screw loose short with the Lord? ...*.Max

Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006

From: WILLIAM ANDERSON To: Rachel Lea Hunter for Supreme

Re: Back to theFuture by Rachel Lea Hunter? Well, Rachel, If you are nuts, so are the rest of us! From one nut to another. Bill

Quoting Nathan Tabor :

The independents say Rachel is nuts.

The Democrats say Rachel is nuts.

The media says Rachel is nuts.
>>> Rachel needs to come to grips with the truth.

Nathan Tabor, Come On Down!

Connie, as usual, this comment requires more unraveling than my puny intellect can accomplish, but it does raise an interesting question:

If Nate Tabor is looking for a discussion on "the issues," why doesn't he stop in at BlueNC? Blogging is free around here, so Nathan: as one SAPC alum to another, what's holding you back?

And behind the Blue curtain is good patriots Nathan

You got me Lance! He just pops up on our e-mail service.

I think it has something to do with the phase of the Moon
on the internet or the steaks at Golden Corral are spoiled.

It does give me a chance to practice some of my worst humor
with a political idiot.... Come on down Nathan and see
what is behind the Blue progessive democrat curtain?

They believe in open government unlike you Nathan!

Nathan calls out Max again for big 4 th duel?

Okay! I challege you to a duel in front of the DA office in Durham at high noon on the July 13 th. Be sure to have your 2nd's contact my 2 nd's about weapons of choice. Since I am the visiting team, I get first choice. My 2nd's are Rachel's bodyguards who are Black Muslins and couple former linebackers from the Carolina Panthers. Can you confirmed who your 2 nd's are? I do not want to have VR fighting for you since you are a confirmed brokeback mountain repub sissy. Don't let me down Nathan! Be sure to wear clean underware and a year supply of senior citizens dry shorts from Krogers. Whatever you do Nathan? Remember Baby Sweet Jesus is watching you and will strike you down with a large lighting bolt should you fail to show like the last time. Now move it and find those weapons of choice.....Max

Quoting Nathan Tabor :

> Found nothing at BlueNC.com.
> Let me know if you ever want to meet - since you did back down last time.
> On 7/4/06 11:32 AM, "info@rachelforjustice.com"
> wrote:
>> Hi Nathan! It seems that the progressive democrats at Blue NC want some
>> of your
>> wimping ass. Get your psycho ass over there and tell them what a silly ass
>> religious kid you are....Now move it or I will have them fire you as
>> the 2 nd
>> shift short order cook at the Golden Corral.....as usual you have falled for
>> the old trap as the dumbiee of the year in politics..ignore us
>> fool...everytime
>> you try.....the fans grow by the truckloads.....see the supporters list
>> fool...you are outnumber and the " Real" patriots are coming for
>> you........cmb...now be a good little boy and go join a parade
>> before somebody
>> pisses on you.....
>> Quoting Nathan Tabor :
>>> Connie,
>>> One group might laugh at me - because they don't agree with me.
>>> ALL groups laugh at you and have labeled you all NUTS!
>>> You have no home in any political group.
>>> Nathan
>>> On 7/4/06 9:36 AM, "info@rachelforjustice.com"
>>> wrote:
>>>> Nathan! Have you ever consider joining a animal rights group since you are
>>>> squirrely as a 3 dollar federal reserve note? Come on kid! Surely a
>>>> fool like
>>>> you realizes that you have had your religious political clock
>>>> clean and have
>>>> become the laughing stock of the progressive democrats and most of
>>>> the voters
>>>> in your last and maybe your final political campaign in your young and
>>>> retarded
>>>> life. Seek therapy dude! cmb
>>>> Quoting Nathan Tabor :
>>>>> Nut fits very nicely. Maybe even add crazy.
>>>>> On 7/3/06 11:40 PM, "info@rachelforjustice.com"
>>>>> wrote:

Madame Loony Tunes

Even Democrats, Republicans agree on this candidate

A candidate for N.C. Supreme Court justice who promotes herself as Madame Justice deserves a nickname in her campaign, all right, but not the one lawyer Rachel Lea Hunter wants.

Ms. Hunter, a Democrat, has never been a judge, but she wants voters to oust Associate Justice Mark Martin, a Republican, and elect her. She wanted the State Board of Elections to put her on the Nov. 7 ballot as "Madame Justice." No way, the board said.

She should try Madame Loony Tunes.

Ms. Hunter is no slouch at getting her name in print. Not long ago she managed to get her picture taken with former Tar Heel basketball coach Dean Smith and posted it on her Web site as an endorsement. It wasn't, Coach Smith said.

A former Republican, Ms. Hunter characterized GOP congressional candidate Vernon Robinson -- a publicity hound himself, we might add -- as "a good slave returning to the plantation" for his allegiance to the Republican Party. (Mr. Robinson, a black conservative, once campaigned with the motto "Jesse Helms is back, and this time he's black.") Responding to complaints, Ms. Hunter changed her description of Mr. Robinson, calling him "Uncle Tom."

She also called state Democratic Chairman Jerry Meek "Der Fuhrer." That came after Mr. Meek announced the party would not endorse her in the race against GOP Associate Justice Mark Martin because she "lacks the judgment and temperament" for the job. State GOP Chairman Ferrell Blount noted that Republicans and Democrats finally have something to agree on.

All this reminds us of an episode a decade ago when we poked some fun at a Mecklenburg candidate for state office. Jack Daly, an unsuccessful candidate for state auditor who got more votes than most other Republicans on the ballot, issued a press release saying, "I sure shut the critics up! People who said I wasn't old enough to run are now practically worshiping at my feet. It's been amusing to watch the party naysayers begging for forgiveness."

We especially liked his admission that calls for him to run for governor or party chair were a bit premature. "I'm not necessarily the Wonder boy people are making me out to be," he said.

No, indeed, we agreed. Wonder Boob was more like it.

Maybe in addition to Democrats and Republicans, North Carolina needs a new party for people who like the Comedy Channel style of politics. They might not win anything, but candidates such as the Wonder Boob and Madame Loony Tunes sure would provide comic relief.

Debate and website


I will be more than happy to debate the issues. I am a bit puzzled why you would allow a nut to be your spokesperson. If you want to debate why not invite me? The last time I checked alexa.com and technorati.com by blog has quite a lead on you.

At TCV we don't allow nuts on our boards. They do nothing but make you site appear to be cheap. Take this story for example. You have allowed a certified nut to alternate your site. I have told Connie I will debate the issues with him. You see the junk he writes back.

So, as one SAPC graduate to another, have some class with your site. I wouldn't let someone talk this way about you on my boards. You need to ban Connie.

Let me know when you want to debate the issues. It is obvious Connie has no desire to do so.

Nathan Tabor

I want your domain name democrats so I can shut off debate

I am a bit puzzled

why you would allow a nut to be your spokesperson* A very c
confuse religious wingnut

Lance! When did you hired me as your spokeperson?
Surely Nathan understands he has challenge your site
'to a pissing contest with his
brilliant conservative repub mind and will get it clean by you folks here.

Nathan! Are you that lonely since political history has
pass you by or ...wait a minute...Aren't you the internet dude
that has over 1000 domain names of other
political candiates in the past couple of years as a
obessive disorder toll?

Glass houses

There is no spokesperson for BlueNC. None of us has to check with Lance or anyone else to get permission to write whatever we want. It's a wide open forum where every voice gets heard - even theocrats like you.

If you have something to say of substance, say it. No one's stopping you from speaking your mind. If it warrants a thoughtful response, you'll get it.


After reading TCV off and on for the past few months, I'd reconsider the practice of making judgments about 'class' when it comes to political commentary.

Nathan GlassHouse is a Brick Crapper on the net

After reading TCV off and on for the past few months, I'd reconsider the practice of making judgments about 'class' when it comes to political commentary.* A

When your hero's are Ann Culter, Russ Pill man, George Bush
and your enemy is the Constitution of the United States, one
has move to the lower "classes" of slim.

So Nathan! In the interest of free expression and free
speech and the common good! Why are you supporting Congressman
Hayes and George Bush in the 21 st century of fascism?

Take you time in answering and remember nobody gets ban here
like you do when they disagree with you.

Cheap As Free!

I'm making my way back through everything that was posted on this thread while I was out of pocket.

Nathan, I don't know how you handle things at TCV, but we at BlueNC don't have spokespeople. I can see why you'd be confused if you thought that anyone here speaks for everyone. Actually, no, I can't figure out why you would think that. Why do you think that, Nathan?

We also don't ban people from the conversation unless they're posting unsolicited commercial messages. (The one exception to this policy was made for one Oggie Spear, whose quantity to quality ratio was so exceedingly high as to render him as great a nuisance as porn spam.) I guess we kind of figure that classy behavior includes being big enough to refrain from using brute admin force to silence those who don't like us.

As to debating the issues: you can start a blog here by signing up for a free account, or we can just meet in the comments like this. Sadly, I won't be able to make regular visits to TCV—I can barely keep up with the sites I enjoy reading, and my time will become even more scarce over the next couple of months.

Anyway, I hope you won't let the fact that I and the other admins considered your most recent ill-fated campaign objectionable come between us. I really do hope we can continue this discussion. After all, every minute you spend in conversation here is a minute you can't use to figure out how to turn all women into breeders or how to make reactionary Christianity the state religion!

Lance Was Very Closed Minded


May I remind you that I offered to purchase an ad through blogads.com on your site? Do you remember what you did?

You rejected the ad. The ad addressed illegal immigration and taxes.

What does that say about you and bluenc.com?


Nathan, Please: Tell Us What That Says

Our ad policy -- which you prompted us to develop (thanks!) -- is to run all ads that are not plainly objectionable on their face. Your candidacy didn't pass muster.

But yet here we are! Chatting away like two old pals. What's on your mind?

ads and question


Where is the policy?

When I click http://www.blogads.com/ifsft3cmvfoddpn/bluenc/advertise I don't see it. I don't see it in your about us section.

Also, you didn't address the above post. Why are you letting Connie talk on your behalf?

Why haven't you contacted me if you wanted to debate the issues? Obviously you have no desire to do so. You wouldn't even accept my ad that talked specifically about issues by asking a question.


PS - objectionable? Please. Have you seen the stuff Connie writes? Don't be a hypocrite.

Chopped liver

First, get yourself a nice wooden chopping bowl. One without a flat bottom works best. Then get a chopper. It is sort of rounded on the bottom, with a rolled steel handle that allows you to slightly rock the blade across the bottom of the bowl.


* schmultz
* 1 large onion
* hard boiled eggs
* fresh chicken livers

Melt the schmaltz on the bottom of a non-stick frying pan. Place coarsely chopped onion in the schmaltz and allow them to slightly carmelize. Then place the livers in the pan with the onions and fry until they are no longer red inside. Add salt and peppe to taste. Don't overcook the livers. They should be nice and juicy and slightly pink inside. Let the livers cool in the frying pan until they are firm to the touch, but still a bit warmer than room temperature.

Place livers in the chopping bowl, and with a rocking motion, chop them up with your chopping blade. Add hard cooked eggs one at a time until you get the mixture the consistency you want. Then taste and adjust salt/pepper content if necessary.

Shape into a mold or place in dish and refrigerate.


Below is what the ad stated with an image of a red, white and blue elephant -

Conservative Nathan Tabor for NC Senate

NC gives illegal aliens driver licenses

NC doesn't have a constitutional amendment defining marriage

NC families and businesses are over taxed

Do you agree with this Conservative message?

If so, then support Nathan Tabor, NC Senate, District 31.


Lance, it looks like the didn't want to debate the issues.

Oh poor Lance. Blocks Nathan Tabor.

blocking my comments. I thought you wanted to debate the issues?

You declined my ad. Now you decline my comments.

That isn't what SAPC taught us.

Nathan Tabor

Whatchoo Talkin' About, Nathan?

If you're talking about the suspension of "patriot," that user got an email from me and can clear things up if he chooses. If it's you, just drop me a line. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not seeing anything in the spam logs in the hour or so before you posted this comment.

Anyway, signed-in users bypass the spam filter.


Looks to me like Nate is fessin' up to being a troll. The comments I'm seeing certainly aren't the comments of someone actually serious about a discussion on issues. They're more the arm-waving, attention-grabbing, desperate-for-a-mother's-love kind of stunts only the bottom feeding stomach sliders are capable of.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

All dress up in Red and nowhere to go except BlueNC

They're more the arm-waving, attention-grabbing, desperate-for-a-mother's-love kind of stunts only the bottom feeding stomach sliders are capable of.*SD

Yep! Nathan reminds me of my kids when they were 2. The
Child boy campaign is over and he has
no where to go for attention.

And Nathan go help Hayes with your vast knowledge
of politics and the internet. And if that does not work
out than help your ole buddy VR.