The Puppetmaster and MY education

A few weeks ago, this article appeared in the News and Observer. The article talks about the controversy that erupted amongst the faculty at NC State over funding by the Pope Foundation. This was covered by Anglico here.

Today, the student paper at NC State has taken up the issue. The first is an article that is woefully inadequate. Why? Because not a single person would comment to the "lowly" student paper. Sigh, they wonder why students dont respect administrations...

The second is this editorial, which begs for students to be heard on the issue. I disagree with the editorial board's belief that this is good money to take. I do however think that my view as a student should matter, and I would love to have a voice in this debate. I also agree that all students deserve a voice in this debate.

I have not yet written out my view, mostly because I think I may end up writing to more than the Technician on the issue. However, my basic belief is that the reason we shouldnt accept this money is not because Art Pope is a right wing hack, even though he is. No, I think that we shouldnt accept it because I would like to avoid seeing NC State "live up" to the "quality" of "research" done by the John Locke Foundation. And, I would like to avoid my university follow in the "ethical footprints" that Art Pope has placed all over this state's politics.

If you are an NCSU alum, or just care about the issue, please contact the higher ups in our administration. Please protect my education.


I think

I might end up writing a letter to the Chancellor, the Dean and maybe my elected officials. We shall see.

"Keep the Faith"

Your take on the problem is the right one

This isn't mostly about dirty Pope money. This is mostly about an institution of supposed academic integrity aligning itself with an organization that is at its core intellectually dishonest.

The John Locke Foundation (and the rest of the Puppetshow) starts with an ideological belief and then look for evidence to support it. That's all well and good, except they also then represent their "reports" as being based on valid evidence.

Pope wants to extend his influence to the curriculum at state universities because he doesn't believe White Old Rich Men are getting a fair shake these days.


My fellow students speak out.

Also, front page of today's is this little tidbit about tobacco lawsuit money helping to fund education for the children of tobacco farmers. One time endowment of a quarter million dollars.

"Keep the Faith"