Public Transit Participation Survey


I realize this is often more complex

than the selections provide, such as cases where public transit stops are not far from where you live, but would require a serious hike or you leaving your car somewhere with which you're not comfortable. That scenario would fall into the #3 (not available, but would) category, I guess.

I just picked up my sister from RDU

the other day (I'm coming all the way from Burlington area), and the damn traffic on I-40 was slow (15-25 mph) all the way from before the Durham Freeway to RDU. Coming back was a little easier, but not much. You know, a few years ago I only got caught in traffic like that on that stretch about 25% of the time, but these days it's the norm.

That's what I really liked about the bus

It just goes around that mess! Pulls onto the R-O-W and chugs on.
I know the buses go to Chapel Hill - you might be able to park & ride from there -- as long as your sister isn't carrying loads of luggage. SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL. That's how I plan to go to HKonJ in February.
(They go to every terminal at the airport.)

A little early for conclusions,

but I think we can safely say that public transportation needs to be broadened geographically so more people can access it. That's a hard nut to crack, because it usually requires cooperation between towns and county governments, county-to-county efforts, and of course state and federal support. But those things have happened in a *lot* of other regions, so it's not impossible.