Public Forum on Citizens United SCOTUS decision

The Orange-Chatham Progressive Democrats and the Progressive Democrats of NC will sponsor a public forum on the Citizens United decision on April 11th, from 4-5:30 pm at the Carrboro Century Center in Carrboro. Gene Nichol of UNC Law School will be the primary speaker.


Chase Foster of NC Voters for Clean Elections has been asked to be a second speaker to review legislative remedies to the decision.
UNC students have been asked to read some passages from the Kennedy opinion and the Stevens dissent. In juxtaposition, they are pretty revealing.


Sounds interesting

I've front-paged this for now, but try to remember to "bump" this diary a few days before the event.

Thanks Steve

I may be able to add some info about the details by then. It promises to be exciting.

Chief Justice Roberts whines at criticism over this case

If Roberts can't take the heat, he's free to resign -- and take his whiny ego out of the kitchen.

Money quote from Glenn Greenwald:

The very idea that it's terrriby wrong, uncouth, and "very troubling" for the President to criticize one of their most significant judicial decisions in a speech while in their majestic presence -- not threaten them, or have them arrested, or incite violence against them, but disagree with their conclusions and call for Congressional remedies (as Art. II, Sec. 3 of the Constitution requires) -- approaches pathological levels of vanity and entitlement.