A Public Forum on Citizens United

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"Citizens United vs FEC" letter sent and info

Three of us from Catawba County Drafted a letter on this topic and presented it for individual signature to members of the SEC on March 6. Ninty copies over those 40+ signatures have gone out by snail mail to all SC Justices and all NC US Congressional Candidates or Incumbants of all Parties.
Since that time I have been reading the 150 page decision and particularly the Stevens minority report (4 of 9) in the last 50 pages. Justice Stevens is very critical of the process that the Court Used. It is clear that Chief Justice Roberts violated long standing customs of the court in an over-reaching and partisan way. I wonder if Justice Stevens' disappointment, on this ruling, by an institution and system that he has given his life too has led to his recent talk of retirement.
We same three, in Catawba, will present a follow-on resolution at our Catawba Annual meeting this Saturday.
For a PDF of our letter and/or draft resolution e-mail SJ338@earthlink.net .

REMINDER: Citizens United Forum

today. We passed a resolution to fight against this every way and one to dissolve Corporate personhood at our Convention yesterday.