PT 5 of NC State Bar corruption and a question for those that have followed this blog

To those of you who have followed my blog about the NC State Bar Corruption I have a question. I have transcripts of tape recorded conversations and documents that what I have said about the corruption in the legal system of NC is true. This concerns some mighty well known Attorneys and some not so well known. My question is this: Can I post the names of these attorneys and the documents and transcripts of the recorded conversations and do so legally. What I have is true and I can prove it. I hope to hear from those that know the answer. Thank you


I wouldn't

These are lawyers that we're talking about. They can interpret a vague law for their own purposes. I'd get a lawyer first, before acting.

PT 5

thank you


Gotta watch out. The legal system is far too often stacked against regular people.

That said, it may be worth trying to get the attention of a newspaper or TV reporter. I don't watch tv any more, but there used to be segments in news shows where reporters would dig in to consumer complaints. They're bound to have good lawyers.

Another option is a political reporter. If the people involved are public figures, there's a lot more room to maneuver than if they're purely private citizens. A good reporter would have a quick feel for your situation ... the the added benefit of confidentiality.

Good luck. It seems like you've been stomped on by the Man ... or at least by his legal counsel.