PT 4 Response from NC State Bar

April 15th 2013. Today I received a letter from the North Carolina State Bar office of Counsel. In the letter it states

" The Grievance Committee is empowered to determine whether a lawyer violated the Rules

of Professional Conduct and, if so , to impose appropriate professional discipline. The

Grievance Committee can only impose professional discipline when there is clear, cogent and

convincing evidence that the lawyer violated the Rules of Professional Conduct............"

Stevie Wonder could see that what was done by the lawyer in question violated the rules of 1.8

and this was pointed out by two other lawyers. The other Attorney's can't help because they know the lawyer.

Beginning Friday April 26th. I will begin to send out letters with transcriptions of tape recorded conversations

I had with one of those lawyers in an attempt to prove to a potential lawyer that what I am saying can be verified

by one of their own. I will begin my attempt at justice by sending these letters out every week until I can find help.