PT 3 NC State Bar Corruption clarification

It has been brought to my attention that the Bar Association has asked for clarification of the statements I made
concerning the difference between the Bar Association and the North Carolina State Bar. My grievance was filed against the attorney through the North Carolina State Bar and not the Bar Association. I admit it was my mistake but was an unintentional mistake.
I am also in the process of finding out if I may use names and addresses of all the parties involved in this debacle from the lawyer who I filed the grievance against to a list of those attorneys who knew what he did was unethical but never brought it to the attention of the NC State Bar.
In closing I hope I have satisfied the Bar Association's concerns about the clarification in the names of the different governing bodies concerned with this subject and I am asking them, the Bar Association, to please begin an investigation of their own. I have all the information needed for a complete investigation including bank statements , loan documents, tape recorded conversations, plus other items too numerous to mention. I am now asking the State Bar to contact me for my phone number, address etc. so the investigation can begin. To the readers who have followed my blog I will keep you informed of any new developments and the Bar Association's response to my request. Thank you, AggravatedFred