PT 2 Corruption in the NC State Bar Association

To the almost 400 readers who read my original blog I would like to go into more detail about the claims I Made. First of all every claim I made is 100% true.
I filed a grievance with the NC State Bar Association against an Attorney in NC. I was asked to fill out forms, show proof and dates for all the claims I made. I was also asked to have my statement certified by a notary and sent to them. I was informed that a copy of everything I was and my complaint would be sent to the Attorney in question and that they would basically investigate the claim and have no further contact with me unless they needed more information. Everything was sent and after a few months they wanted more information and I sent it to them. About a year later I was sent a letter which stated that they investigated everything and found that the Attorney did nothing that was unethical according to their rules of behavior. When I asked for a copy of his response I was told that they needed his permission to send that to me and they contacted him and he refused my request to send a copy of his response to me. They did not send me his response.
I have bank statements showing he and I were in business together. I have proof that he lent me money which I paid back at the bank rate he was given by the bank plus an additional 10 % for his gain. I have 14 hours of tape recorded conversations where he admits what he did was wrong and had to be kept quiet. I was paid to lie to the state bar association if I was questioned on another grievance he was involved in. He bought my mortgage from the bank and I do not have to pay until years from now. I found out that he added 80,000.00 to the mortgage and said I agreed with the terms. Would anyone agree to this statement ??? When I said I would go to the state bar he said we needed to talk. He came to my house and paid me 120,000.00 not to go.
When I asked about the change in the mortgage amount he promised to fix it. It was not done. I sent all this information to the state bar and they found he did nothing unethical...... You gotta be kidding me. As far as trying to get an attorney in NC to sue another attorney is as probable as the space shuttle landing on your deck.
I am asking anyone with the same problem to contact me because as a group and I'm sure a large group, we can have a better chance at justice. I ask any attorneys who have the backbone to stand up and settle this miscarriage of justice. I would list car salesmen from the Bronx in NY as having higher ethical standards than those required for according to the state bar association of NC.
I have purposely eliminated the names of any of the attorneys in this blog to avoid repercussions by those in charge of the Good Ole Boys Club which I am preparing for anyway. I am asking again for help from anyone who has had the same treatment by the state bar association to contact me, even to share stories. Sincerely, AggravatedFred