Proud Boy organizes rally at high school for Trump cheerleaders

These guys are popping up everywhere:

Jeremy Onitreb, who told The Washington Post in Facebook messages he is not a student and does not have any relationship with anyone on the cheer squad, is organizing a free-speech rally on Friday across from the school. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 130 people have said they’re going and more than 950 people have said they’re interested in attending the event Onitreb created on Facebook.

“The truth is if there were a Bernie 2020 or Biden 2020 [sign] and conservatives complained, nothing would have been done at all,” Onitreb said. “It’s only because of the name Trump that there was ever an issue.”

Of course the right-wing nutters are up in arms about this, but it's really not a 1st Amendment issue. Had those girls not been in uniform, I doubt anyone would have even noticed, or taken any disciplinary actions. But they were, and that crosses several lines. Of course if you're an idiot like Richard Hudson, somebody needs to spell that out for you:

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) penned a letter on Tuesday to the athletic association, saying he is “appalled” the students were being punished for exercising their First Amendment rights and requests to know what rule had been violated.

The school district has also received threatening calls about the decision, Miller said. The attention this is getting puzzles her because no student has been suspended or removed by the high school or the school district following the picture’s circulation, she said.

Miller said there have been Facebook threats and calls of threats to the district since the controversy “has grown wings,” and she’s concerned about what attention the students could be facing.

Then you should take a real close look at the dude planning this rally, because Proud Boys are known for backing up their threats with gang-style violence. He's got no business coming anywhere near a school campus,