Protecting The Affordable Care Act Means Protecting Small Businesses

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a monumental achievement for our nation’s health care system, which opened the door for millions of previously uninsured Americans to receive the affordable health care coverage they deserve and finally guaranteed that individuals with pre-existing conditions could no longer be denied.

It’s been 10 years since the passage of this historic legislation, and while we’ve come a very long way, there remains important work to be done. During these perilous and unprecedented times, we ought to be building on the ACA’s strength, not undermining it with risky new government insurance systems that some have proposed and supported, like Medicare for All.

I’m a businessman by trade – and after a long career in public service and serving as chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, I have focused my work on helping local governments and small businesses navigate health care issues.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. Think about your local restaurant, your local barber or your local dry cleaner. They provide essential services as well as much-needed jobs. A healthy economy is vital to keeping them in business – as our current public health and economic crisis reminds us.

But even under the best of economic circumstances, the consequences of Medicare for All or other option are concerning. Medicare for All would cost an additional $32 trillion in federal spending over the first 10 years alone. The only way to obtain the revenue needed to implement these government-run systems is to raise taxes, and experts agree that the middle class would get hit hard.

Between threatening jobs that middle-class Americans rely on and saddling working families with higher taxes, it’s clear – especially given the mounting uncertainty families and small businesses face today – that we cannot afford a new government-run health care program.

I strongly support the candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden and will do everything I can to ensure he defeats President Trump so we can strengthen the Affordable Care Act, protect the health coverage that patients – especially those with preexisting conditions – depend upon, and extend affordable coverage to millions more Americans. The evidence continues to show that the way to achieve this important goal is to improve upon what is working today – not to embrace a new government-controlled health insurance system.