Protect Consumer Privacy

Attorney General Josh Stein has been an ardent supporter of consumer protections throughout his tenure as AG and long before in his law career. We want to encourage him to continue to fight for the rights of consumers, in particular in regards to internet privacy and security.

Recently, a group of eleven Democratic State Attorneys General from across the country got together to discuss the complexity of protecting consumer privacy while maintaining a robust web-based economy. Their biggest concern is a handful of companies control such a vast amount of data. Major companies like Google and Facebook have the resources and access to control the information gathered from our social media and online profiles. Lack of market competition is a growing fear surrounding these large corporations having such enormous reach and information at their disposal.

The market competition issue alongside the continued data breaches and security issues lead many to believe that these big tech companies are too big to secure.

Giant tech companies’ actions and practices such as collecting consumer data without their knowledge and dominating the market with few alternatives are concerning. Tougher laws are needed to protect the privacy of all North Carolina citizens. We know Attorney General Stein protects North Carolinians and we ask for him to continue his efforts and fight for greater consumer protection and privacy.