Prosecutors May File Charges Against Holloman

The State Board of Elections has asked prosecutors in Raleigh to consider charges against North Carolina state Senator Robert Holloman (D-Hertford) for campaign finance violations.

The Board alleges that Sen. Holloman failed to report over $23,000 in campaign contributions since 2002. Senator Holloman told News 14,

"My reports may have some errors and mistakes," Holloman said. "But I'm going to tell you all today -- I'm looking at you with a straight face -- Robert Holloman has nothing to hide. I'm not trying to hide anything."

More slime below the fold

Holloman, a Baptist minister, has asked to be allowed to clear things up with his staff, but officials say there are other irregularities including possible fraud.

Holloman's seat carries a history of fraud and illegal activity. His predecessor was none other than convicted felon, Frank Balance. Balance pleaded to taking public money given to his charity and using it for personal expenses. He is currently in prison on these charges.

These violations were discovered when investigators were looking into possible campaign finance violations of House Speaker, Jim Black.

Also caught up in the investigation is Rep. Howard Hunter, D-Hertford. He failed to file reports for his campaigns in 2002 and 2004. Hunter's case has not been sent to prosecutors at this time.

Holloman will not face opposition in the primary race in May, but Republican Ken Chandler is running against him in November. Hunter also has no opposition in the primary, but will face Republican Kyle Jones in November.



This makes me sick.

And that's all I'll say about it right now because I'm too mad to be my kinder gentler self.

Isn't Mike Easley supposedly the big cheese of the state party? Hey Mike: there's a mess on aisle Hertford that needs cleaning up.


How can either political party have any sort of moral heft if it doesn't throw crooks under the bus when they're found out?

Hell, why doesn't the Democratic Party have an independent auditor to get ahead of things like this, fix them and fry the perpetrators?

Get Ahead

What a great idea. Instead of acting like Republicans behind closed doors - let's out the entire process. Let's make ourselves the clean party and the Republicans the "Boss" party. It might hurt in the short run, but it can only lead to a negative image for Republicans.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


But how do we make that happen?

I've already told the NCDP that I'm giving NOTHING to the party until they get out in front of this publicly and aggressively. I've been a strong party supporter in the past, but this year I'm bypassing them for individual candidates unless they clean this mess up.

NOTE TO NCDP: I hope you're mopping up behind the scenes, but even so, that's not good enough. Blue is all about integrity and the common good, and you can't do that behind closed doors.


You're back! I've missed seeing you around. I hope everyone at home is OK.

Now would be the time to come clean. It's far enough away from election day unless, of course, they are having to run in the primary. I still say honesty is the best policy.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

There's been a mess on Aisle Hertford for a while.

Bill, I agree completely. We need to be ahead of the game - seen as cleaning up our own mess. People will forgive you much more quickly when you admit a mistake and move on instead of hiding and making excuses.

The filing deadline is over and with reproductive rights and medicaid issues on the table we need all the Democrats in office on the state level we can get. We just don't need dishonest ones.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I really think this is needed

The County Democratic Caucuses are coming up. Anybody with skills in WHEREAS and WHEREFORing want to take a crack at drafting a resolution to be introduced at the County Caucuses?

Anybody else interested in proposing such a resolution? I'll do it in Orange County, as soon as I figure out how to.

Bill...I'd move to Orange County if I could...

They don't like me in Mecklenburg Co. b/c the leadership here is um....well.....lacking. I don't seem to keep my big mouth shut about it either.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What's really sad is that

What's really sad is that this slime ball will be reelected