Proposed House Budget

The NC House Appropriations Committee has released its draft of the state budget.
Committee Report (pdf) for H1473
Appropriations Act H1473 PCS (pdf)

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CSS Neuse funding

I'm glad to see the new budget include $750,000 to help house Kinston's CSS Neuse (a civil war ironclad) in a climate controlled facility. It was left out of Easley's budget, and freshman Democrat Van Braxton had been quoted in the Kinston paper various times about how he was working to get funding for it.

We took this seat from Republicans in 2006, and it will likely be contested again in 2008, so its good to see our guy helping to bring home the bacon on a project that should get some good local publicity.

Here's an article on the whole issue from when Easley didn't include it:

This is the actual CSS Neuse

NOT Ted Sampley'

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