Progress NC files complaint against McCrory

A clear violation of campaign finance rules:

In December, Elections Director Kim Strach issued one opinion letter saying that candidates for office in 2016 could not serve as the face of bond advertisements. A second letter, issued less than two weeks later, said that candidates could appear in the advertisements but only if they were filmed at a public event and were not delivering scripted remarks.

The video at the center of the complaint has not aired on broadcast or cable television yet. However, the bond committee is poised to unleash a multimillion-dollar ad blitz in the next three weeks as the primary approaches. In their filing, Progress NC says that it appears McCrory sat down for a well-lit, highly produced interview that appears to violate the guidelines set forth by that second opinion.

This just keeps getting messier and messier, and the time to deal with this ethical quagmire has just about run out. At least for the Bond vote, anyway. If any of you are still sitting on the fence as far as this $2+ billion boondoggle, McCrory's crooning should be enough to snap you back to reality.