Pro-life Republican pushing death panels!

A great story out just now by Facing South, underscoring the lunacy of the Woodhouse-Palin circle jerk.

As it turns out, the cause of advance planning has been championed especially strongly by a pro-life Republican -- U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

Isakson is a member of Senate Health committee that played a key role in shaping the health care reform legislation. He successfully offered an amendment in committee that allows funds for a government-funded program that provides in-home services to people with disabilities to be used for advance care planning, according to the national Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Hahahahahahahaha! I'm sure it wasn't really Senator Isakson who did this horrible thing, it was really Nancy Pelosi!


You can't make this shit up.

That ol' communication voodoo strikes again. The Party of the Reverse Midas touch indeed. HEH!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

You said "Shit."

That's awesome.

Actually, I typed it

Still awesome!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Love the title

of this post! It seems more factual than most of the wingnut misinformation out there. Right-wing monkey-wrenching through sound bytes has developed into an art form ... "death panels," "killing our seniors," "rationed care," "socialized medicine," "mandatory euthanasia," and on, and on. But there are other article headlines for pieces I've not seen yet, such as:

"Republicans WANT Your Health Insurance Premiums to Go Up"
"Republicans WANT You to be Afraid of Your Government" (unless, of course, they're in the majority, in which case they're only looking out for your best interest)
"Republicans WANT to Incite an Ethnic/Race War in America" (else why all the focus on the "wise Latina" comments, or why turn a blind eye to the rantings of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh?)
"Republicans WANT to Suppress Free Speech at Town Halls" (else why isn't the GOP leadership more vocal in calming the wackos?) ... a corollary of this headline might be, "Republicans OPPOSE the First Amendment"
"Republicans WANT to Wipe Islam from the Face of the Earth" (else why would they give all that money to their lapdog Erik Prince?)
"Republicans FAVOR Global Warming" (else why oppose cap and trade or cash for clunkers?)
"Republicans FAVOR Giving Gangs Easy Access to Automatic Assault Weapons"
... fill in the blank.

Brain tumor be damned!

Mr. Rachel Lea Hunter's husband...

Nobody wants you in their party, yet we all want you to know Rachel was the smart one.

The white light at the end of the tunnel is not a suggestion.

At the end of the Tunnel is a big lite name Choo Choo, not God!

Nobody wants you in their party, yet we all want you to know Rachel was the smart one.* Ron single supporter

Not true, over 1/2 of the Democrat progressive party chairpersons supported not counting a couple of Democrat Congressman " Madame Justice" in the 06 election along with the majority of the Black community movement. Of course she is smart and a constitutional civil rights fighter who never backs away from the evil dark side of Republican politics and is big time vote getter in her campaigns......Libertarians could have learn something from her instead of trying to make her a poster child of hate and self-interest ego mickey mouse politics........ Below is your lesson assignment for today


My husband used to be a member of the Libertarian party and received their newspaper for awhile. I always read it. I read some of the ideas and agree with some and disagree with others. But as I read, it struck me that since the party was founded during the 1970s, it has never grown. Ever wondered why?

The thought had occurred to me that the party was not designed to grow. It was not designed to be a success. It was put in place and left to be controlled by the major political parties. Oh, one candidate succeeds to office once in a while and there are true believers in the party. It is not these types of whom I speak.

In reviewing the Libertarian paper, it is filled with comments made by what I term “neutralizers.” They purport to spend endless time fighting over who is and is not a Libertarian or whether this or that idea is really Libertarian enough. The purpose of this party is to provide a haven for the “crazies,” that is those people who may have ideas that do not fit within the structure of the two major political parties. By having the Libertarian Party around, it provides a place for these people to go. And it keeps them tied up in one place so they cannot interfere with the real doings of the major parties. The task of the neutralizers is to keep these people fighting amongst themselves so that they will never be able to join forces and mount a really successful effort. And that is why the national Libertarian Party will never succeed.

Unfortunately, we have our very own set of neutralizers here in North Carolina. My first involvement with the NC Libertarians was again during the junior partner’s campaign. During my own campaign, I came in contact with the then Executive Director, Sean Haugh. At one point, he let the cat out of the bag and remarked that he and Art Pope had founded the Libertarian Party and that he and Art and Justice Martin had all gone to school together.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Art Pope had created the NC Libertarian Party. They were never to pose a threat to the real political parties. They were there only to do enough damage to the Democrats so that the NC GOP could win. They were allied with the NC GOP.

During my 2006 campaign, members of the NC Libertarian Party began sending me hate mail. One individual, Fisher Caudle, accused me of being in the KKK. Another who threatened to sue me for sending SPAM was Eric Smith, who sits on the Libertarian Party Executive Council. As I have explained, political email is not SPAM. Another individual who likewise sits on their board did things as well.

My campaign advisor complained to Sean Haugh about this treatment and suggested that he have talk with such individuals. In response, Sean Haugh went on about how unqualified I was, and how he knew Art Pope and Justice Martin and what fine individuals they were. He further supported Fisher Caudle and Eric Smith.

At the time, I supported the efforts of the NC Libertarian Party to regain ballot access. Our ballot access law was too draconian. All parties should be allowed on the ballot, regardless of their views. In fact, I don’t like party labels and believe that if candidates had to run non-partisan races, it would force candidates to do a better job of getting their message out and it would force the voters to actually learn about a candidate and vote for him or her rather than voting only for a party label.

After the attacks started coming in from the Libertarians, I decided to pull my support. And who can blame me? As my husband told this story: a man walks down the street and is robbed. The following day, he walks down the same street and sees a homeless man who asks for a donation. While talking to the homeless man, the robbery victim sees the man who had robbed him the previous day. The homeless man says “he is my partner.” Would you donate to the homeless man knowing that his partner had robbed you the previous day?

I don’t think you would, if you are like most people. And neither would I. The neutralizers had never met me and I doubt that they had ever visited my website or read what I had wrote. Had they done so, they may have had a very different view. However, their aim was not to enlighten themselves about me. It was to impede my progress and hence their attacks. Given the attitude of the neutralizers to attack me, I decided to have no more to do with the NC Libertarians.

As a side note, the Libertarians had an individual who became state chairman. He must have received similar treatment by the neutralizers as very soon after that, he resigned. Sean Haugh left his position and went to work for Mike Munger, a Libertarian candidate for governor who went to Art Pope to get his blessing to run. Why would he do that if the NC Libertarian Party is independent of the NC GOP?

As I stated, the Libertarian Party has some good ideas, some of which are espoused on truly Libertarian websites like I have found some of the commentators there to be insightful, like Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, law Professor Butler Shaffer, or Professor William Anderson, who has tirelessly written on the Duke non-rape case. That is where the true idea of liberty lies, not with the NC Libertarian Party.




I think it would be better if we could all read the bill in plain English before the American government makes the final decision. Note, I said American government and not "our government," not all of us are happy with the current administration and saw this fiasco coming long ago. online casino aren't an American?

Is there another government operating in this country I'm not aware of?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I think it would be better if those that don't agree with the

current administration or their supporters would realize that over 50% of the country does agree with them. Therefore, I think it would be better if those that don't agree with the current administration would stop their ignorant musings on the fact that THEY, the minority, are the real Americans. We are all Americans, get it? So, why the rhetoric from the minority?

BTW, we all saw this fiasco coming a long time ago too. Remember when we told you that the wars Mr. Bush started in order to advance his religious and neo-con profit margins were going to bankrupt this country? Remember when we told you that since the Reagan administration the removal of checks and balances within the financial corporations and corporations over all in this country would cause major financial problems? Remember? Because this fiasco was a long time in the coming.

Six months into this administration, they are doing their best to overcome the extreme mistakes made since Reagan. You blame them? Grow up.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Read away

No one's stopping anyone from reading, and Congress isn't voting because they're in recess. is a lovely resource.

You can even search by bill number. I just did by H3200 and guess what - it came up!

By the by, do you consider your health insurance provider's contracts or coverage manual plain English?


WOO HOO for Thomas

My brother is the webmaster for

Our Government & Health Care Proposals

The bill is in "plain English", if you understand English that is. I believe the reason you don't understand the current Health Care Reform proposals, note that I said proposals because they are not Bills yet, is because you are under the mistaken impression that you are different from everyone else or under a different Government. We held a Democratic election and the majority of people voted for President Obama, therefore it is "our Government" if you live in the United States of America. We all must support the current President and stand as one people, that is what makes us the strongest country in the world. Unfortunately, most Democrats knew that Republicans would fight everything that the President tried to do because they are, among other things, still sore about losing the election. Republicans would rather see the country and our President fail than they would give up any power or concede that their party held power for 8 yrs and screwed our country up worse than any other administration in our history. Health Care Reform is not about politics but it is about human lives and correcting a system that has been profiting from the misery of others for far too long.

For Republicans that refuse to accept President Obama and refuse to work with Democrats across the nation, they will have to learn that the majority has spoken and the people have demanded Health Care Reform including a Public Health Plan. They will either cooperate or they will lose the little power that they have left.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Proud to be a Democrat and feel that President Obama is definately a truly great man!

The "Real" death panels

The real death panels occur in health insurance board rooms when they won't pay for a transplant or other treatments. That is another thing that the right wing is good at doing, accusing people of something that they adhere to in order to cause confusion. And we have seen a lot of obviously confused people at these town hall meetings lately.

Insurance Denials

Insurance companies deny treatment, raise premiums and costs of insurance to those with pre-existing conditions making it unaffordable, and refuse to pay for life saving medications and procedures every single day. If the Republicans and their followers want to cite "death panels" then they need look no further than private insurance companies. Unfortunately, public health programs promote family divisiveness, divorce, financial hardship, and poverty in order to qualify. The difference is that public health programs still offer the best insurance available anywhere in the U.S., which is pretty sad when you think about it.

For those of us without health insurance and unable to afford private insurance or qualify for public health programs, we are left with no options but to continue suffering. See my rant about "Public Safety Nets" on my blog here.

To those that are against Health Care Reform, I say let them walk a week in my shoes (I haven't been able to walk in a year and a half due to illness and can't afford health care), let them live my life just for one week and they would be begging for Health Care Reform to include a Public Health Plan.

A good ad might be

a reenactment of one of those death panel meetings. It might hit home with a lot of people.

This is a great idea

Stage it so it looks like shady government bureaucrats, then pull back to show the insurance company logo on the door.