Pretty please?

In the spirit of "fight for every seat," we're asking you to beat the bushes for candidates:

We are looking for candidates to run for NC State House in Districts 2 (Dare, Hyde) and 40 (Northern Wake). Filing is in December.

There's nothing more depressing than an uncontested race. Anywhere. So how about it? Are you telling me that there isn't anyone in either of these districts who is willing to get in there and fight? After all the criminal incompetence we've seen in Raleigh over the past two months, we're giving these assholes a pass? Somebody needs to step up.

If you know someone who should be "nominated" for candidacy, let me know ... or better yet, let THEM know.



Steve Harrison is running for

Steve Harrison is running for board of aldermen in Gibsonville. Jay Thurman is running for mayor of Ramseur.

I wish you both good luck, but no matter what, thank you for running.

House district 2 is Person-Granville

It is winnable -- by the right person. It can be very insular so it helps if you're "from 'round here". I've only lived in the area since 1988 -- so still an outsider -- but I will be seeing a good candidate tomorrow night and will ask him if he would consider running.