President Bush Admits to Hearing Voices

This is simply too rich to just let go. There is absolutely no possible way this man has an Ivy League education. The "decider" in chief is caught on tape saying, "I listen to all the voices." Too bad for the rest of us he never pays close attention to them! Crooks and Liars has the video.

If he did pay attention, he might have heard Scotty saying, "I quit!" Scott McClellen is out as press secretary. Anyone want the job?

Karl Rove is also giving up duties to concentrate on the midterm elections. Oh Joy.



Is so over.

And if he's not . . . that is, if the American people fall once again for all manner of Rove's Republican bullshit . . . well I'll just about die. I don't have much faith in our electorate as things stand, but I still have a smattering of hope.

I don't think so

Dean put his finger on it when he called this "window dressing."

But is it?

As long as he's still active, I don't like it. I want a conviction.