Predator in Blue: Fired detective still stalking rape victims

Quite possibly the ultimate betrayal:

A Fayetteville police detective fired last year over inappropriate messages sent to women who had been raped has been charged with later tapping into a police department database to obtain information about the women.

Paul George Matrafailo III, 34, of 2816 Ally Rayven Drive, was arrested Monday on a felony charge of unauthorized access of government computers.

Needless to say, it takes a special kind of @$$hole to stalk a rape victim, and that level of personal (disgusting) behavior could not go unnoticed by co-workers and supervisors. I'm not just speculating about that, he was actually reprimanded for similar behavior a year before he was fired:

The letter states that on May 31, 2018, a written reprimand was given to Matrafailo for “unbecoming conduct for sending inappropriate and offensive comments and sharing video of a case to someone not working on the case.”

The letter adds that an investigation regarding the inappropriate messaging was initiated on April 24, 2018, and “concluded the comments sent to the Forensic Technicians were perceived as inappropriate and offended them.”

Get that? He was either sexually harassing female co-workers or sending sensitive victim information to male employees, either of which is grounds for dismissal. But not only did they allow him to continue his employment (and LEO status), they left him in a position where he was directly involved with rape victims. We see this time and again when police officers get fired for corruption or violent behavior; previous actions that form a pattern, but were virtually ignored.

And that same negligent and irresponsible supervision is carried over into the courtroom, as well. Back to the OP:

Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West said the charge against Matrafailo doesn't close the case on his actions while still a law enforcement officer.

"We certainly respect [the women's] courage in coming forward, and we're going to do what we can to get justice in this matter, because people have to trust law enforcement and the justice system," West said.

West said he requested that Matrafailo's bond be increased, but the judge rejected that. Matrafailo was released on a $1,000 unsecured bond.

In case you don't understand the lingo, "unsecured bond" means he was released without paying anything.



He does, doesn't he?

He could definitely get a job in the Trump administration, stalking and sexual harassment are probably pluses....