Poverty and the Environment

The NC Conservation Network is posting a series on poverty and the environment:

Inspired by a recent seven week series on Grist online magazine on poverty and the environment, we will launch a weeklong discussion of the topic “Poverty and the Environment in NC” on our blog starting Monday April 24. Here’s a preview of what’s to come...

Our own Grady McCallie will start things off with an analysis of the link between poverty and environmental issues in North Carolina. Then three grassroots activists, Kathy Knight, Frank Warren, and Hope Taylor-Guevara, will be adding their thoughts.

Check it out and add to the conversation.


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I actually already put a link to this over the weekend here. But please keep us informed on what comes out of it.

NC Conservation Network

I get lots of stuff from lots of organizations in my mailbox every week, most of which I never find time to read. For BlueNC visitors who are looking to find great, synthesized content about how environmental issues related to EVERYTHING else, the NC Conservation Network is a great resource. (And they aren't paying me to say this.)

But they are

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