Potter Pity Party

According to Pope Puppet Paul Chesser, aided and abetted by Ms. Deborah Potter, assistant to Charles Taylor, the Congressman from the 11th district is a saint and his road to nowhere can be built for one-fourth of the $590 million figure often cited.

This presents a serious dilemma about who to believe.

a) A paid mouthpiece and proven twister of truth for one of the most crooked congressmen in DC?

b) Or a group dedicated to stomping out waste in government?

Hmmmmm. This is a hard one.


something doesn't add up

$590,000,000 * ¼ = $147,500,000

$147,500,000 > $52,000,000

no matter how you slice it, it's pork.

There they go again,

There they go again, practicing in a licensed profession without a license, or a safety helmet.

Gov pays $100
JLF says $25
Gov trys $25
Gov gets lousy job
JLF says Gov does lousy job
JLF says privatize
Gov pays $100
JLF says $25
Gov trys $25
Gov gets really lousy job
JLF says Gov does lousy job
JLF says Gov must go
JLF says Habemus Papa


Deborah Potter is Taylor's press secretary, and she doesn't like talking to people. She likes talking about people, as evidenced by this email mentioning yours Hoolie, but she tends to hide in the bushes.

I'm giving a big reward (pizza and a beer) to anyone who can find me a photograph of Ms. Potter.

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i just talked to a guy @ WLOS

they sell duplicate tapes @ dvds of their past newscasts, and their archives go back to when deborah potter was a reporter there.

if we can pin down an exact date, we can get a dvd of the newscast and easily get a screengrab.

also, it might be worth a trip to the library...

Time and Date

WCU Trustees, January 6, 1994

At this time Dr. Dowell, Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Mr. Rowell, Associate Director of Public Information; Mr. Bob Scott, of the Asheville Citizen-Times; Ms. Deborah Potter of WLOS-TV; and other media personnel joined the meeting


somebody give that man a cee-gar!


hit a dead end - i just talked to a guy from CDS (the company that does the duplication of WLOS programs - we walked by there on our way to the burger bar, screwy!)... turns out that they only have a 90-day archive at any given moment.

crap. dead end. looks like i need to call wlos again...

Deborah Potter

I think I remember her. Did she go to UNC?


A reporter?

Television news? Ewwwwwww. Guess she's well accustomed to being a corporate mouthpiece.

Is this her?

I think it is

her sister. I just googled her and the first one that came up was the Deborah Potter I remembered. I don't know if it is the same one you all are talking about or not.


the debbie trail's getting warmer...

from the google cache of the 11th district's gop website, a copy of taylor's newsletter, dated 9/15/2003:

New to My Congressional Office

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Deborah Potter as my new press secretary.

Potter’s duties will include keeping constituents in North Carolina’s western-most district informed of the work underway on their behalf in the United States Congress. Potter will issue press releases, and respond to requests from members of the news media and other groups from my Asheville office.

Having a mountain-based press secretary will help ensure that 11th District residents have the latest news and information from my offices in Western North Carolina and the Nation’s capital.

I chose Deborah for the position based upon her track record of delivering news and her desire to serve mountain residents. Deborah has spent more than two decades, bringing honest, fair and accurate news to the people of WNC. She is a well-known and respected journalist. That’s exactly the kind of press secretary I want serving the people of the 11th District.

Potter is an award-winning news reporter and editor, who most recently worked as assistant metro/community news editor at the Asheville Citizen-Times. She also spent more than two decades working in broadcast news, as a reporter, bureau-chief, anchor and assignment editor, at WLOS-TV in Asheville, and WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, S.C.

Potter is a native of Avery County, and a graduate of Lees-McRae College and Western Carolina University. She resides in Swannanoa with her husband, Steve Duncan, and daughters, Kaylie, 10, and Kerrigan, 6.

time to warm up the wayback machine...

so much for that

the internet archive are moving their servers, and a lot of the wlos archived content is either coming up with errors or missing pages.

wspa has an exception in their robots.txt file preventing them from being crawled and archived.

ah well... i still have a couple of ideas. believe me, i'm not going to rest until i find a picture of her.