Porter Goss Resigning

Porter Goss is resigning from the CIA. Is it because the CIA couldn't get the President and his war cabal to pay attention to good intelligence, or is it because the Watergate Hotel has cooperated with subpoena requests for records in the Hookergate scandal? I guess only time will tell.


CNN quote

I was watching CNN when this broke and the reporter for CNN said:

taking a look at what is out on the internet, really not much controversy involving the Director himself

I swear, I have to stop drink things when I watch the news or read the net. My poor desk is not going to survive!

Do what I do...

I always keep towels handy....of course, every shirt I own has stains down the front from spewing coffee or diet coke. Oh well....I've at least learned to miss the keyboard.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks, Screwy, that was fun

Sounds really interesting, too. I miss Asheville . . .

PS. Where's the Shuler campaign office? I read "Haywood" but is that the street right in downtown (like, near Malaprops) or out in hippie West Asheville?