Pope Center Survey of North Carolina

Despite the fact that you have to take anything coming out of the ultra-conservative John Pope center with a grain of salt or as utter nonsense, there are some interesting numbers from their January survey (and some completely useless numbers that resulted from slanted questioning).

First, even this ultra-conservative group finds support for an increase in the minimum wage:

18. Do you support or oppose increasing the minimum wage in NC by $1.00 that would bring it to $6.15 per hour?

Support 86%

Oppose 11%

Not sure 4%

And that the state is happy with its Democratic administration:

1. Do you feel things in NC are headed in the right direction or wrong track?

Right direction 48%

Wrong track 39%

Not sure 13%

2. Approve or disapprove of the job performance of the State Legislature?

Approve 47%

Disapprove 37%

Not sure 16%

3. If the 2006 election for state legislator were held today, vote Republican or Democrat?

Democrat 39%

Republican 35%

Neither 7%

Not sure 20%

But it looks like more people see both parties as corrupt than pinning the blame on either one (a win for Republicans):

12. Which political party in Washington do you believe is more corrupt?

Democratic 21%

Republican 27%

Both equally 40%

Neither 5%

13. Which political party in NC do you think is more corrupt?

Democratic 22%

Republican 25%

Both equally 37%

Neither 6%

Now for the slanted questions:

15. In light of the major increases in the cost of gas, should this tax be eliminated or is it necessary to meet the transportation needs in NC?

Eliminate 73%

Needed 20%

Not sure 7%

16. Would you support the elimination of the 15% gas tax increase?

Yes 60%

No 22%

Not sure 18%

17. Do you think illegal immigrants contribute to your local economy or do they drain the local economy?

Drain 56%

Contribute 32%

Not sure 12%

21. Would you be more or less likely to: vote for a candidate for state legislature: Who made a commitment to end the ½ cent temporary sales tax?

More 52%

Less 18%

No difference 22%

Not sure 8%

22. Who committed to supporting a state constitutional amendment to protect private property from being taken by the government for private use?

More 83%

Less 9%

No difference 5%

Not sure 4%

23. Who supports legislation requiring the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of such things as drunk driving and other crimes that do not carry jail sentences?

More 82%

Less 10%

No difference 4%

Not sure 4%

That last one is just absurd. First it asks about "illegal" immigrants and then inserts a very serious and deadly crime, drunk driving. Not to mention the fact that DUI can result in a jail sentence under certain circumstances. Remember that grain of salt thing.


And to think

that the N&O's star columnist, little Ricky Martinez, relies on these jerks for facts in his op-ed pieces.

I must say, I was thrilled this morning to find NO News and Observer in my driveway!