Poor Elizabeth Dole

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Over the past few months the rumor mill in North Carolina has had an off and on obsession with a very important question. Will Elizabeth Dole run for reelection?

She has claimed that she will be running. Even though her denials of rumors surrounding her retirement have left something to be desired, she appears to be making an actual effort at running again.

The Salisbury Post, Dole's hometown paper, got a hold of a fundraising letter that was recently sent out.
This letter contains the claim by Senator Dole that to be reelected she will need to raise a million dollar every month between now and 2008. I think she is right. Given the examples of her 02 race, and Burr's race in 2004, twenty million dollars is not out of the question.

So, how is the Senator doing with her goal?

At the end of September 2006 Dole had $223,775 cash on hand. A saying by Emily's list is that "Early Money Is Like Yeast." Well, if that is the case then Elizabeth Dole's 08 election campaign isnt just a falling cake. It is little more than flour and hope.

As of the end of 2006 Elizabeth Dole has, brace yourself, $245,016.79 cash on hand. Now, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. During that time she was busy protecting the Republican Majority. And, this fundraising letter was sent out after the filing period had ended. But, she is in trouble.

The question is, are we going to sit and watch and hope? Or, are we going to do something about it?


She's definitely in trouble

if she doesn't see the light on the OLF. If the Navy destroys northeast NC, they will also put a final nail in the political coffin of Liddy Dole.

By the way

I know some of you are married to Republicans. If anyone saw this letter or has seen it in another newspaper give us a link please. or at least the text.

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"Keep the Faith"

Hubby hasn't rec'd any fundraising mail

from Dole since last year after my first and only "viral" piece on the NRSC fundraising questionnaire. Could just be coincidence.

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