Poll: Should Senate Democrats get rid of the Filibuster?


That's what should happen, though...

that's not what will happen in the current Senate climate because of Manchin and Sinema. That's not to say that the filibuster will continue as the instrument of obdurate obstruction that it's been made into by McConnell. Rather, what we're going to see is the reform of the filibuster into something that can still be used to register objections and slow the course of legislation, but not simply block it outright and transform the Senate into a body where a supermajority is needed to do almost anything. Both Manchin and Sinema have voiced support for returning the filibuster to more of the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" mode, wherein Senators must actually hold the floor to continue debate, along with some additional rules that would mean even this couldn't be done forever (i.e., no Senator can return to filibustering once they have yielded the floor even to another participating in the filibuster, they must actually debate the bill being filibustered rather than just say anything.) This is probably for the best, since it makes those who would obstruct be open about it and can't just hide behind the 60 vote threshold. But it also allows the moderates like Manchin and Sinema keep their pledges to not eliminate the filibuster and posture as preservers of the true spirit of the Senate.

I've done a 180 on this

I've never been a fan of radical change. It's too disruptive and potentially destructive (see regime change in foreign governments). But the Filibuster promotes no change, and that's destructive in its own way. You can't evolve, fix problems that need fixing.

It takes a supermajority to amend the Constitution (and remove a sitting President), and that's a good thing. But passing and tweaking laws should just require a simple majority.