from PoliticsNC: Conspiracy theory

hat tip to Bob Geary for alert about this article. If you are concerned about the Democratic Party's repeated meltdowns, this will answer many questions. At least it did for me:

For years, the Tin Foil Hat caucus that supports Randy Voller now, and supported David Parker before, spent much of their time obsessing over conspiracy theories about hidden scandals within the state Democratic Party headquarters. One story line centers on consultants, like me, who have done work for the party in the past. According to the them, we’re all trying to get into the party coffers through manipulating our connections with party officers or staff.

Well, I’ve got a conspiracy theory for them...

--Thomas Mills



Hi Thomas, you flaming ass. Your stuff gets worse and worse. Who is paying you for the trash
you put out? All the tin foil is on your side of the divide - the Malignant Malcontent Caucus.