The political death of Dan Forest

As Dan Forest's polling numbers continue to collapse, the stink of desperation is setting in. Cooper leads Forest 52% to 39%, with the gap increasing every time a new poll comes out. It ain't over till it's over and anything can still happen, but I'm cautiously optimistic that our great governor will come out on top.

Today Dandy doubled down on the politics of division by jumping on Trump's "herd immunity" bandwagon. If you haven't seen the Great Barrington Declaration, you're in for a treat. It's a stunning disinformation campaign designed to make it look like Trump has had a plan all along. And in fact, he has. The plan is called "Let 'em die now," and it's really working. Instead of promoting sane precautions like mask wearing and social distancing, Forest is adopting all the best practices of super-spreaders: meeting in enclosed spaces, eschewing masks, and encouraging his cult followers to show their patriotism by infecting their fellow citizens.

If you've watched Dan's charade as lieutenant governor, this kind of irresponsible position comes as no surprise. He's failed to perform most of his official duties, preferring instead to pose for photo ops for more than four years now. And he's adopted "filing lawsuits" as a way to get publicity. Fortunately, none of it is working.

I don't know what causes a candidate to flail like Forest has been doing for the past few weeks. I guess he has so much invested in trying to win that he doesn't mind destroying the little amount of integrity and honor he possesses. Instead of being a person who helps to heal and unite our state, he's proudly doing everything he can do make things worse.

Dan Forest has always been a political lightweight, with little going for him besides a stupid campaign slogan and a pretty face. North Carolina will be better off when we're rid of him.



The apple fell not far from the tree

Remember that Dan's mom is Sue Myrick, the Charlotte whack-a-doodle that wound up in Congress because of a heavily-gerrymandered House seat.

"From 1995 to 2013, Sue Myrick was the elected Congresswoman for North Carolina’s 9th District in the United States House of Representatives, and the first woman to every be elected to Congress from her state. She announced her retirement after 9 terms in February of 2012, and honestly, she’s lucky her district is gerrymandered to be as highly conservative as it is, or her long list of prolifically insane claims, as well as racist quotes and ties to hate groups would likely have caught up to her. Apparently Myrick has had a habit of putting a foot in her mouth in regards to her faith. There’s nothing wrong with being Christian, of course. But when you spend most of 1985 railing against “Satanic” and “evil” rock and roll music, trying to ban rock concerts in the city, before getting quoted in 1987 she said she was inspired to run for public office because God spoke to your husband through a coffee machine or that you once build an altar to God out of sand while on a beach vacation to communicate with him… you’re never going to live that down."