Playing with poison

I hope this will be in the news this weekend, but in the meantime, here's the full text of a letter from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to every member of the NC Congressional Delegation. It was also sent out as a press release from Governor Easley's office:

The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has grave concerns about the wildlife control technique the U. S. Navy is considering as part of its plan to establish an Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in this state.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Bird-wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) plan provided in support of the Navy’s OLF effort, briefly summarizes “standard techniques” for hazing and harassing wildlife to minimize contacts at airport sites. Included in these “standard techniques” is a recommendation to employ the chemical Avitrol.

No Avitrol product registered in North Carolina is labeled for controlling any waterfowl species. Its use for such a purpose in North Carolina is illegal. We are unable to determine whether any wildlife experts were consulted in the development of this plan, but North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission brings considerable expertise to bear in its view that under no circumstances should this chemical be used in proximity to tundra swans, snow geese, or any other migratory waterfowl. We are also concerned about the unknown secondary effects of Avitrol on non-target animals that may take this bait or consume birds that are killed. The suggestion of its use as a tool for controlling such wildlife is appalling to those of us familiar with its effects.

In fact, the proposed OLF site is itself adverse to the needs and interests of thousands of sportsmen, conservationists, and ordinary citizens in North Carolina. The significance of this area to the waterfowl that use the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is immense. Hundreds of thousands of migratory waterfowl use the site for essential wintering habitat at least six months of the year. Approximately twenty percent of the entire eastern population of tundra swans over winter in this area.

We urgently request your intercession on behalf of this important state resource. Please advise the U.S. Navy to consider alternative OLF sites that have less drastic wildlife impacts.

Truly unbelievable. The Navy's playing with poison that will have god-knows what effects on our environment and our health. Meanwhile, Liddy Dole and Richard Burr have decided to let the process run its course because "it's not the job of Congress to tell the Navy what to do."

What in heaven's name did North Carolina do to deserve two such pathetic Senators in Congress at the same time?



It's in today's News & Observer: Easley opposes poisoning birds

Among the poisons the report says should be considered are Avitrol, which causes birds to give out distress calls, fly in erratic patterns and spook other birds.

Just what we need flying up and down the east coast.

Maybe Rick Martinez, Dole , Burr and folks in Havelock,

who want to shove the OLF down the throats of people of Washington/Beaufort Counties would be willing to use some of their pets for poinson experiments. They are so willing to continue with the process I am sure they would love to sacrifice their beloved animals for the cause.

Jimmy Sanders, ACT president and Havelock mayor...
“An OLF needs to be somewhere in eastern North Carolina, and the process has currently determined the place is Washington County,” Sanders said. “We support the OLF and the Navy’s EIS process, and we feel like the large majority of citizens do also. We feel like its time to say it publicly because we are not sure the right thing is going to be done if the silent majority remains silent.”

Maybe a polling company

might be interested in doing some research with North Carolina citizens.

More than 75% would have no knowledge of the Navy's plans. When the details were explained by the interviewer, more than 90% would be against those plans.

The "silent majority" this clown is talking about do not agree with him.

"Silent majority"

Didn't Nixon coin that phrase, to suggest that most people supported his war policies? He was wrong then about what the majority wanted, and I think the mayor of Havelock is wrong today. We all need to make our voices heard.

Here's an interesting link

to the Mayor and City Council of Havelock, NC where it appears they are all for this devastating project. You can easily click and email these folks a POLITE protest. The mayor is the big cheese behind the Allies for Cherry Point Tomorrow...protecting the Navy's outrageous desires in the name of money for the community.


Stan Bozarth

Dont know why

the citizens of Havelock are worried about this OLF or even pushing for it. Cherry point is going to get their precisous 2 squadrons. The vocal minority of Havelock are crying to ruin the area of NE NC so they can get a few peices of silver.

The sad thing is the people of Havelock are safe and I dont understand why they are insisting on this OLF. Unless they have gotten word from someone that without the olf being placed in NE NC, the 2 squadrons will not be stationed in Cherry Point.

Why I say this, if you read the appropriations document, it states that the 2 squadrons ARE going to Cherry Point, so why are they selling NE NC out?

Sure hope this link works.

Dont know why politicians cant look at the big picture, but only worry about their teeny-tiny part of the world like its the center of the universe.

I'm not sure who makes me want to puke more? Dole and Burr, or these people of Havelock.

Sorry folks for this horrific rant, but dang, why are they stirring this in this manor?

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Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

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Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"


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New sign upon entering Havelock...

Welcome to Havelock
First town in the United States to promote the destruction of 100,000 plus migratory birds.

I took this

and sent it to the CAMA folks. Bad thing is the CAMA deadline was 16 Mar.

This is yet another example of the contempt the Navy has for NC.


and thanks for all the links!