Pigs have wings

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover I have a shred of agreement with Johnny Be Hood over at the Carolina Journal. Mr. Hood apparently doesn't approve of the shady back-roominess swirling around Speaker Jim Black . . . and I personally have called on Black to resign his leadership position immediately. Just goes to show you, anything is possible.

But here's the real question for Hood: If shady dealings are cause for alarm in the North Carolina legislature, shouldn't they be cause for alarm everywhere? And shouldn't the elected officials involved be called on to step down?

George Bush: starting an oil war to fund corporate coffers, allowing no-bid contracts for friends and cronies

Dick Cheney: collusion with energy executives to screw Americans through corrupt energy policy

George Bush and the Republican Senate: in bed with the banking industry to screw over financially strapped Americans

George Bush and Alberto Gonzales: conducting domestic spying and lying about it

Too many Republicans to count: taking bribes from Jack Abramoff

You don't hear many rule-of-law wingers worrying about their own filthy house. Especially those who shill for the Pope of Hypocrisy here in North Carolina.


Silly me.

I forgot a basic tenet of all things conservative. Wingers are happy to trust the government when it's fueled by Republican corporate greed. It's just Democrat entrepreneurism they have a problem with.

Right Art?

That would require ethics.

Ethics would require a person calling for one dirty office-holder to step down, to call for alll dirty office-holders to step down. What is truly sad about America is how willing Republicans are to be unethical, dirty, and, yes, I'll say it. Evil.

It is evil to knowingly lie, to knowingly mislead, and that is what they are doing.

John Hood, if you are out there, I call you out. Either treat all dirty pols the same or admit, at least to yourself, that you are unethical. I would assume you belong to the religious right, which makes me wonder, have you considered 10 Commandments lately? Do you live by the Beatitudes? Are you really willing to offer your soul up to the burning fires of hell JUST for some political gain here on earth? It is apparent that people like Scott McClellan are willing to do that. Speaking around the truth is the same as speaking untruth.

George Bush lied or at least spoke around the truth when he said he was getting wiretaps before the 2004 election. He lied during the SOTU when he said he would cut dependance on foreign oil. He lied when he said he would fund alternative research, but his key researchers were laid off the following week. There is no way of looking at George Bush without coming to the realization that he has lied and lied and lied more. What happened to his religious convinctions? What happened to the party of family values and faith?

Taken over by the Neoconservative movement, led to criminals and liars, who seek only power on this earth. Good luck with that.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.