A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!

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Oh, oh.

Lance is out and about with his camera phone! Everybody duck!

At 4:30

I was the 15th voter of the day. I swear I'm registered "unaffiliated," but their documents said I was a Republican. (Now I can't even find my registration at the SBOE website. According to the SBOE website I am a Republican; I guess I'll be spending a lot more time at redstate.org. :( ) I ended up voting on the Republican ballot, but I'll feel pretty bad about that if Tony Foriest loses. On the up side, I got to vote for the Repub. incumbent's opponent.

Lance We Need to Talk

I think that your progressive credentials are in doubt now. Are you a chameleon too? We need answers!!!!!!!!

(just in case: !!!!!!!! means sarcasm)

I'd been meaning to ask you

about that registration but didn't want to out you on your own blog. I figured actions speak louder than registration. Or, maybe you were spying. Or maybe you wanted to mess with a primary. Or . . . well, geez, I wonder how many people are falsely registered Democrat.

I've heard rumors people did it on purpose in the 90s out here. I know there are literally thousands in McDowell County registered Dem and voting Rep. Same in Haywood and plenty others.

I'd expected someone to ask about it

I just thought they'd be asking about my "unaffiliated" status. The Republican thing is a bit of a surprise.

but an interesting twist.

I've found a ton of mistakes in the elections records. In the last two years I've found at least a hundred people registered twice. I've never found anyone who voted twice. Most use one name and then switch to the other and never go back.

One woman was registered in her "maiden" name (which she uses) and her husband's name (which she doesn't) and it seemed to go back and forth. I wondered if it depended on the who was working the books that day. they must have known her (and her husband) and not asked for her last name.

Well I kelpt the Party Happy!


I voted early in Graham County also as I have to eork election day. Unlike Lance I was voter # 16! Me better half #15. But unlike my buddy lance when

I came out of the BOE office my index finger had BLUE ink on it!

Now Lance ol Buddy ,Im just ribbin ya, BUT!, Targator, Do you think this calls for a Execuitive Meeting of Blue NC ??????



Y'all, y'all, y'all:

I'm pretty sure I'm a Democrat at heart. After all, I do prefer sexual favors to bombing the shit out of people.