Saw more than a few old friends at the march today in Raleigh; anyone else have photos?












Was "No Show" at the rally?

You mean our boy Burr wasn't at this Fair Share rally? Imagine that. Other than for a fundraiser, when was the last time he graced our state with his presence?

Oh. Oh. Did you all catch the N & O today? There is new activity going on with the DADT issue. Yep, N&O had an article on it.

Big difference between Hagan and Burrski on this issue. Hagan (despite some of her failings) was very specific about her support for eliminating DADT policy in the military. Burr?, here's a snipet from the article. Judge for yourself. Any doubt that this jerk needs to be given a one way ticket back to NC?

North Carolina's U.S. senators, Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee and could help shape the discussion.
Hagan has said she believes "anyone willing and able to serve ought to be able to do so." Burr said he is in favor of whatever best serves the military.

Wake county schools diversity issue

I just wonder what Cal thought about the Wake county diversity policy as this was addressed at the rally yesterday. Especially since he himself went to a private school. No need to attack, just playing Devil's Advocate.

It is possible to chew gum and walk at the same time

Devil's Advocate ... really?

I realize that some Republican extremists have difficulty holding two competing thoughts in their minds without having their heads explode. Yet people with a more thoughtful bent can often embrace dissonance comfortably.

My own daughter, who has learning disabilities, attended a small private high school. She was lucky I could afford it. We also contributed to funds that supported minority students in the school as well. I am committed to making diversity work for America - not against America. I have no difficulty squaring that commitment with a decision to send my kid to private school.

I believe what you believe

Do any of the candidates really believe in anything. Seems to me they look at the polls and then take a stand. And this is on both side or all three sides or ever how many sides are running. I don't know many politicians who would opt to be burned at the stake for their political convictions.

Would you?

I don't know many politicians who would opt to be burned at the stake for their political convictions.

It seems to be that burning at the stake is reserved for religious zealots who stir the anger of other religious zealots who happen to be more well armed.

The polling meme

Seems to me they look at the polls and then take a stand.

If this were true, Don't Ask Don't Tell would be repealed by now.



Last time I checked, Campbell and Harvard were private schools as well.

As far as I know, only 1 candidate has come up with a comprehensive plan to reform NC's education system.

As far as I know, only 1 candidate has the endorsement of the North Carolina Association of Educators.

As far as I know, only 1 candidate is out there offering real, honest solution to the struggles facing North Carolina families. No platitudes, no poll-based jargon -- real, honest answers, coupled with real, honest voices from North Carolinians like you and I.

That candidate is Cal Cunningham.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


I don't know if you are trying to relate your comment about Republicans to me or not but you are wrong. I have a valid point. Once crazy Tedesco has his way, I am afraid that my inner city school will be stuck with the "bottom of the bucket" teachers rather than the "cream of the crop" that we have now. The difference is I don't have the money ($17,000) to send my kids to a private school nor can I quit work to home school my kids. Why did Cunningham not go through public schools? Were the Davidson county schools not good enough? If you are sent to the School of Math and Science that's one thing and if you go to Harvard then you have certainly earned that spot as well.... I just wonder where he stands because he did not seem to have the same public school experience as most NC school children.

Whatcha sayin' Scarlet?

The difference is I don't have the money to send my kids to a private school nor can I quit work to home school my kids.

So, are you saying that if you DID have the money to send your kids to a private school, you'd opt to do that or quit and home school them?

And my point was

whether or not a person goes to a private school has nothing to do with what he or she thinks about diversity. I'm guessing most of the Gang of Five went to public schools, which hasn't made them champions of diversity, has it?

I don't even know if Cunningham went to private schools, but it doesn't matter either way. Most kids go to private schools because their parents send them.

Something is wrong with this picture

"attended the Lexington City Schools and Forsyth Country Day School where he graduated in 1991"
So what was wrong with the Lexington City Schools? LCS is very diverse. I looked up Forsyth Country Day and it is $17,000 (and from the pictures not very diverse) but he makes sure he shows up at multiple events where diversity counts? But most important of all, he does not disclose on his campaign website that he attended a private school... why is that? Is he trying to hide that to make himself look like more of one of the people?


We have only one code of conduct here at BlueNC, which is to not cross the line into being intolerably obnoxious. You've made your point, such that it is, and are now brushing up against the line.

If you want to advocate for another candidate, please do so. If you want to attack Cunningham, do it using your real name.

I will not let BlueNC become an attack site for anonymous commenters in this primary cycle.

Oh, for crying out loud !

Scarlet, it looks like you are trying to find something on Cal or about Cal that just is not there. I am a Cal supporter so want that known up front here. I sense you are supporting another candidate, and that is fine with ALL of us here, but I think the majority of us have kind of agreed not to get into a "bloodbath" or into a "mudslinging" contest on our three VERY excellent and qualified candidates, one of which will hopefully be able to rid our state of "No Show" Burr.


Thanks, Foxy

Much appreciated.

Thanks for your concern

Thanks for your concern James but I was not "attacking" a candidate, I was merely answering some concerns from other posters. Heck, you were not even aware that he went to a private school and he was just at your home so, if nothing else I think I have contributed to the conversation about the candidate. But for some reason you can only find it necessary to call be obnoxious, again. I felt it my duty to ask the question of Cal because his campaign promoter Eaton posted the pictures today and I knew for a fact that the Wake county diversity in schools issue was covered yesterday and I knew that Cunningham had actually attended a private school. Seems like a legitimate question. But I guess that us women should know better than to ask questions or be a part of the conversation. And no, I don't have a horse in this pony show yet. As far as using my real name, heck no, especially after that email you sent me last time.

Other posters?

Come on. You brought up the private school thing yourself and kept flogging it, and now you're claiming that you're being discriminated against because of your sex. What's next, that everybody here is being paid by the DSCC?

Thanks for the reply

In retrospect, I should have simply made a request that you stop with school thing. Instead I complained, which is never very productive. I apologize.

As to you're being a woman, who knew! My first five years of writing online were done under the screen name, Liz. Not only that, but Liz always referred to herself using the royal we. Her favorite line: "We are not amused." Seriously, I did that for five whole years before becoming Anglico ... then two more years before outing myself as James.

Hey, it's all good. You can write what you want and I'll leave it to others to keep the peace.


PS If you really are a woman, I'd welcome more posts from you. There are not enough women regulars at BlueNC, not like way back when, when I was outnumbered ten to one. Those were the good old days.

I'm doing my best

Blog wars have a certain charm, which I appreciated more in my younger days. I'll be 60 this year ... and in this next decade, I hope to be a better version of my kinder, gentler self.

Thanks for the positive reinforcement. I need all I can get.


PS That wedding video was hilarious. What a laugh the bride had!

Thanks James

Thanks James. I'll peek in daily. My Quaker background must lead me to speak gentler. I'll work on that.