Petty Tyrants: Tim Moore and the $775,000 per year desk job


The trick is to hire the people who will hire you:

Reginald “Reggie” Holley, the Republican lobbyist whose nomination was ultimately approved by the House, was asked by Moore to put his name forward and serve on the board, Jackson said — a fact Jackson said he learned from a conversation with Holley.

“How does a lobbyist — someone who depends on leadership for the movement of bills and policy — how do they say no when the Speaker of the House calls them and asks them to serve?” Jackson said. And how does the speaker, who has been rumored for months to be interested in the presidency of the 17-campus UNC system, not recuse himself from choosing the members of the Board of Governors who will ultimately make that decision? Jackson continued.

In a word--Hubris. We're talking about a man who made a joke about taking away powers from the Governor of NC. The term "ethics" is not in his vocabulary, making him the very last person who should be running the UNC System. Unfortunately, these people just don't think along the same lines as the rest of us:

On Wednesday, board member David Powers, also a well-connected Republican lobbyist, said Moore would make a good candidate. “I don’t think there’s one skill set that is perfectly suited to being president of a university system,” Powers said. “There are many different skills, some of which the speaker has in spades. I don’t think there’s a type, if you will.”

Powers said he is not overly concerned about the optics, given that, if Moore were chosen, he would be be selected by board members Moore had a role in choosing at the state legislature.

“Of course everybody pays attention to that,” Powers said. “But at the same time, we want the best person we can possibly get. If you look across our system, we have great chancellors who are academics. But we have a heart surgeon at UNC-Pembroke, one of the best in the system. A magazine editor, Lindsay Bierman, just left as chancellor of UNC School of the Arts. We’ve got people from all walks of life.”

“There are some very good examples of politicians being very successful university presidents,” Powers added. “Look at Mitch Daniels at Perdue.” Daniels is the former Republican governor of Indiana who was elected by Purdue University’s board of trustees in 2012. As governor, Daniels appointed or reappointed every member of the board that ultimately hired him.

Moore has used his position as Speaker to line his pockets in more ways than one, not the least of which was being hired as attorney for the Cleveland County Commission. I have very little doubt he would do the same if he were made UNC System President, the hefty $775,000 salary notwithstanding. And who will he have to answer to? When you figure that out let me know.