Perquimans County NO OLF public hearing

was held 21 March. We packed the high school auditorium and the cafiteria. I dont know the exact numbers of people, but alot of people where making verbal comments as well as a ton of written comments.

Many of the speakers talked about how this OLF is being built as a dumping ground for the people of VA. We had one farmer talk about the responsiblity of taking care of his cows, and how its the responsibility of the owning farmer to keep the cow on his own lands and its not the responsibility of his neighbor to accept the cow shit from his neighbors cow. That got a roar of applauses.

The Navy officer who was moderating this took some heat also from one of the speakers and this was commented on by alot of folks. This JAG Captain would call you to the mic, and then basically not look at you while you where speaking, and then when u where done, say "thank you for your comment, next speaker is xxx". that too, got a rise.

One speaker asked one of the senior Officers about a report that was the basis of all the numbers for the FEIS and SEIS. This report is what is used by the noise generating report to figure out all the noise contour or dB DNL contour lines. This Officer did not know what this report was. That also got a huge response.

Many of the Washington/Beaufort County folks where in attendance at this also.. They truely are saying to the Navy, this is a regional issue and we wont be divided and concured.

We also stated that this OLF is a regional problem and we stand by the folks of Washington/Beaufort County.

Mrs. Dole, Mr. Burr, we have laid the ground work for you, listen to us. We are not a small vocal minority. We are a large vocal majority. Come join us. We have done what you asked, we have within the process, told the Navy in no uncertian terms that we do not want this thing.

In Perquimans County all three local governments stood up and said these studies are flawed, they do not properly represent our county, AND we do not want this thing in our county.


Great report

Sounds like the Navy is just going through the motions. Which isn't surprising since that's all they've been doing since Day One.


I have gone to the

Hyde county as well as Perquimans county hearings so far. At both of them, i was asking questions that these folks did not want to answer, or could not answer.

At one of them, I got a civilian to actually tell me the he was done with me. At the Perquimans County one, I had the lead Officer get upset with me because I kept asking him to clarify the flying parameters of a jet. He kept assuming what I was asking, and he thought that I was just being confrentational. All I was asking for was clarification.

To the best of my knowledge, if these pilots are 1000 feet over populated areas, and 500 feet over unpopulated areas, they are ok. they have to be 3000 feet over wildlife refuges.

When I asked him what is the lowest a pilot could fly without getting into trouble, he evaded the question. When I tried to confirm his answers by restating them in a way that I was interpruting his answer, he got upset with me. He answered with why would a pilot not fly as high as he could. However, he never truely answered the question of what is the lowest allowable altidude that a pilot could fly from Oceana to any of the sites in NC. The pat answer is the navy will be at 17,000 feet for most of this flight, and start to desend when near the field. That shows the max flying but they will evade the minimum alt question.

This was during the informational period. So these guys know the answers to a single set of questions, but when someone who knows what is going on with this study starts to ask them questions, they are toast. They try to twist your question, or try to become extremely literal in the intrpretation grasping at any miss quote, or hole in your question.

While I was at the Hyde county site, I asked a civilian for some information and he said he did not have it here, but had it on a spread sheet, I asked him for that information and told him I would be here at Perquimans County site. When I asked him today, he stated he had not been to his office, thus did not have the information, thus the only way I could get the info was to make it part of my comments. guess I ll add somemore pages.

BTW, I dropped 60 pages of questions, concerns on them today. That was extremely gratifying.

the Navy is not being very upfront and above board.

I Wish

I wish there were actually some pilots speaking at these hearings.

From what I know about pilots - they're secretly rooting for us. They just can't say anything because they'd be grounded. Permanently. And those boys live to fly.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they're alone amongst themselves.

You keep on 'em, parmea!!!

I've been to way too many hearings like this. Phony hearings where the outcome was decided long ago and the only reason they are asking for "input" is so they can say later that they asked for input.

These kinds of officials hope that if they "act" offended, the audience will assume that the person asking a relevant question actually did something offensive. They are counting on the average citizen not realizing that you are telling the truth and they are not.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

I Wish You Could Go

Drama. We could make some excellent YouTube.

Drama queen

this is exactly what is going on at these hearings.

I Love Farmers

"We had one farmer talk about the responsibility of taking care of his cows, and how its the responsibility of the owning farmer to keep the cow on his own lands and its not the responsibility of his neighbor to accept the cow shit from his neighbors cow."

Glad to have a first-hand report

We can see just how little thought and preparation the Navy has put in to this issue.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Here is a typical example of preparation by the Navy and their paid cohorts.

They assigned dates for the public meetings, and then looked for the locations to have them. In Beaufort County, the high school auditorium that will hold a good size crowd was already booked. The only place left was a room that will hold 250 people. Once again through their "thorough and exhaustive study" they screwed up.

For the next two meetings, wear warm clothes and bring something to sit on, as people will be waiting outside. Please everyone, sign in whether you speak or not. 1100 people attended the Perquimans meeting, but the Navy reported 880.

Elizabeth Dole is looking for all the public comments on the DEIS. To count her votes, I am sure. You can email, fax, or mail them in.

Count her votes?

Save yourself some trouble, Libby.

The number is zero.

If it isn't. It will be. We will make sure people know where you didn't stand on this issue. Traitor.

Oh, Snap!

(yay, Susan!)

I can't say what I wanna say - the men with black sunglasses would be at my door. I live too close to .... well, you know.


Nice catch Susan. This is hilarious, but they made Dole look too young - not like the embalmed one that she is.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You Know-

I can't help but wonder at the sheer folly of this OLF site. All the money being spent over something that's NOT needed. Merely wanted. Sure, it would be nice to have more space for the Navy to train.

But our planet is not getting any bigger.

And how about this?

Flat broke; surplus spent in 6 months. Crying about 'no money', not equipping our troops properly. New Orleans not fixed. Biloxi not fixed. People hungry. Health insurance through the roof. Fraud running rampant. Jobs being outsourced. It's a mess.

I can't fix it by myself. But we can all fix it together. If we don't even try ... unacceptable.

Please pray for that man if you're the praying sort. He's served his country all his life. That, my friends, is a real veteran.

Thanks for posting the cartoon.

Since the beginning of our country the military has never been denied anything. Our military budget tops all the other countries in the world combined.

We are moth balling the carrier JFK. The Navy was just funded by Congress to build another carrier, which in an all out war would not last twenty minutes sitting like a duck somewhere in the Ocean. One Super Hornet equals 300 houses at the cost of $200,000 each. This does not include housing and maintenance for each jet, which is millions. There will be ten squadrons of jets with twelve planes per squadron stationed in the Norfolk area. One training maneuver for a touch and go landing uses the same amount of fuel as one family driving for a year. I can go on and on but with the vultures in our government making war to justify all this spending we are stuck.

Getting involved with the OLF has forced me to look at these stats and I was horrified to find such a continual waste of our tax money by a branch of government that ultimately lives on killing to survive. It is one thing defending your soil, quite another perpetuating death and destruction.


(It's Sunday; isn't it?) ;)

America is all about defending freedom. It is not about starting pre-emptive wars in order to 'sell' democracy. (not like you'd get many 'buyers' that way)

If I'm teaching my kid, 'You can't throw the first punch, but you sure can throw the last' - how can I expect less from my govt.?

And what are our young people supposed to think when they look to the govt.? That it's okay to be a bully if you're bigger & stronger?