The Perils of Taxation (political cartoon)

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Along with my day job in advertising and the lunatic behind this strip, I also am executive director of my interfaith church and we have a pretty substantial relief outreach ministry called Books For Soldiers and we have been waiting on our 501 c3 certificate.

Last Wednesday, I received a response letter back from the IRS concerning the status of the 501 c3 submission for our church. Instead of awarding us the status, it was a four page letter outlining 41 questions they needed answered. The deadline for submitting all required documents, answers and all the rest was April 12th - today.

I have been working on this for the last week, 18 hours a day. The IRS guy was not picking up the phone so he couldn't answer any questions.

So I printed the last page out yesterday morning and was proof-reading it when the IRS guy called. He was out with the flu and was calling to extend my deadline by 2 weeks. I told him it was already done and warned him the documents were now 2 inches thick.

"Oh, no. I am going to have to read all of that."

Anyway, I am exhausted and apologize for the unfortunate hiatus.



"Oh, no. I am going to have to read all of that."

If he didn't want to read 'all that' why did he ask the questions?

oh. IRS. nevermind.