Perhaps we wrote off Kissell too soon?

While some national organizations have Larry Kissell listed as in the pocket of the insurance industry, when I contacted North Carolina Health Care of for American Now they said that they haven't given up on Rep. Kissell to do the right thing.

NC HCAN believes that Kissell may misunderstand the bill's impact on Medicare. If we can get the word out that the AARP supports health insurance reform precisely because it will not take money away from Medicare, we may be able to convince Kissell to support his constituent and campaign supporters.

Here is HCAN's message:

Larry Kissell yesterday announced he may oppose HR 3962, saying it will take away money from Medicare, which it WILL NOT! Please call and e-mail his office. Here is our message to him:

I am calling (writing) to ask Representative Kissell to vote for health care reform. I read that he has expressed concerns about the bill's impact on seniors, but the AARP has endorsed it because it protects Medicare for seniors, and makes coverage affordable to those between 50 and 65. If this bill is good enough for the group that represents 40 million Americans over the age of 50, why wouldn't it be good enough for Representative Kissell? He needs to vote with the President and with those who support quality, affordable health care for all, not with those Representatives whose partisan agenda values insurance industry profits over the American people's need for health care we can afford. Can we count on his vote?

HCAN's toll free number is 1.877.264.4226
Representative Kissell's direct office number is 202.225.3715

Please do what you can to get word to Larry that we're counting on him to deliver for the families of North Carolina's Eighth District.


keep pushing

From the Charlotte Observer today:

N.C. reps span health care voting spectrum

Most votes are sure, but those on the fence make Democratic leaders anxious.
North Carolina's five Republican House members are solid "no" votes. The state's four most liberal Democrats are solid "yes" votes.

But in between stand Blue Dog conservatives Heath Shuler of Waynesville and Mike McIntyre of Lumberton, along with moderate Democrats Etheridge and Larry Kissell of Biscoe.

All represent rural, conservative-leaning districts.

Kissell announced this week that he will oppose the bill because it finds cost savings in $399 million in cuts to Medicare.

"From the day I announced my candidacy for this office, I promised to protect Medicare," Kissell said in a statement. "I gave my word I wouldn't cut it and I intend to keep that promise."

Rep. David Price, a Chapel Hill Democrat, said that while the bill does cut taxpayer subsidies to private Medicare plans, it strengthens the program overall by improving prescription drug coverage, lowering private Medicare co-payments and offering no-cost preventive care.

"Anybody that claims this bill hurts Medicare needs to look closely at the bill," Price said.

been searching for over an hour

I've been searching for over an hour for a phone number where Larry Kissell is accepting calls from his constituents, and I think there just isn't one. All I've been able to find is dozens of blog posts from angry former supporters; Larry Kissell's own website features nothing more than a donation link.

So maybe try email? The generic email address is and his Chief of Staff's email is

Best of luck.

got a camera?

Maybe see your warm smiling faces will help Larry remember who helped elect him to office?

Here's me, forgive me for not being able to muster a smile.

New news and I am not understanding the rift now:

Okay, folks, democrats in Congress are working harder than hard to get the Health Care Reform Bill passed through Congress so it can be sent to the Senate for debate and ultimately (hopefully) passed and then sent to the president to become law. Liberals and progressives in congress are giving it their best. I have now seen the following:

"We expect it to come to a vote. We expect it to have 218 votes," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Saturday.
"It's not going to fund abortions," he added. "It's not going to fund illegal immigrants."

These are, in my opinion, the two most serious problems that the "R's" have with this bill. If this does not get it done, then we know the republicans aren't about doing what the majority of Americans want to do but are about blocking whatever is being done on this effort for the pure sake of politics. They have to suffer the consequences as a result if that happens.

I received several emails from folks in this area

who have talked with him or someone from his staff in the past 24 hours.

I'm not a constituent, so I've been staying off the phone.

I didn't bother calling Sue Myrick. I can guess what she would say and I can pretty much guarantee she will vote for the Stupak amendment and against the healthcare bill.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Excellent question, Mad Anne

I mean, what more can the democratic leaders on the Health Care Bill do to get people like Kissell onboard? What issue is there that he and congressmen/congresswomen like him want to settle up on? The democratic members of congress have given a great deal on this. They are under attack from their own constituents for "folding" on issues important to them so as to get this bill done. What more is there they need to do? A lot of we democrats (whether we be moderate or liberal) are getting extremely impatient here. Is this more about being re-elected or is this about what is best for our county? I am a Kissell supporter but now is the time to get onboard.

I think it is coming down to that, in my honest opinion. This is more important now than politics. Democratic leaders have given as much as can be given. I have presented a lot of discussion here about all the "concerns", but now, I am becoming impatient with those that think that even though this bill might not be all it could be in the long run, it is by far the best thing that we can get for our country initially. James might be right. This now is a good bill and will become even better as time goes on. I am beginning to become very disgusted with those that ask for things, then when those things are done, ask for more.

This bill is a good one and it is necessary and it is the time for this to happen. Please, let us not let this opportunity pass us by.

Not only are we getting impatient, we are getting older.

I have read here that Kissell is protecting Medicare. Well, we know that's not true. You can check it any number of places, Fact Check, AARP. etc. Can he seriously believe the AARP, AMA, AFL/CIO, are working to reduce Medicare and the R's are going to protect it? If so he needs to question why he is a Dem. One dead sure give away something's not true, it's on Sarah Palin's Facebook page.

I'm finding Rahm's Blue Dogs pretty useless too.


This is Kissell's excuse: I promised not to support Medicare and I feel President Obama's plan will siphon money away from Medicare.

My people tell this is BS, and I'm inclined to agree with them.

I don't know how Kissell will defend himself in 2010 from the most humble tea person challenger if he blinks at this compromise health care solution. Let alone the experienced, well-funded, nationally backed GOP leader who they will recruit to run against him once they smell blood in the water.

I don't Kissell that well. I've probably given him less than $200 and less than 10 hours of my time. I can't imagine how the people who truly backed him must feel.

Thank you to all who have reached out to Kissell - particularly those whose calls he will actually accept.

I talked to Larry

I talked to him on the phone about an hour ago. Yes, he's still voting against the bill because of the reason already mentioned (supposed cuts to medicare).
It's just very disappointing.

Keep calling Larry

We need to remind Larry why he is in Washington. I am catching it from a lot of folks from Hoke and Scotland County who are very mad.

Kissell least defensible vote against health care reform

Off all the Dems blocking health insurance reform only Alabama's Artur Davis is from a district more liberal than Kissell's. And Artur Davis is running for Governor of Alabama.

Representative - percentage of people who voted for President Obama
A. Davis - 72
Larry Kissell - 53
Adler - 52
Baird - 52
Stupak - 50
Kosmas - 49
McMahon - 49
Teague - 49
Massa - 48
Peterson - 47
Herseth Sandlin - 45
Marshall - 43
Tanner - 43
Kratovil - 40
Matheson - 39
Childers - 38
P.Griffith - 38
Skelton - 38
Gordon - 37
Melancon - 37
Bright - 36
Minnick - 36
Boren - 34
L. Davis - 34
Taylor - 32

and perhaps not

Kissell's vote does a lot to energize the Republican base.

Let's hope the Left is also energized by this betrayal, and by the successful passage of health insurance reform in the House. We need to defeat Rep. Kissell in the primary in order to keep the seat Democratic.

I apparently have taught you nothing about the 8th

The number you printed isn't currently accurate. Most counties in the 8th - all except Mecklenburg are bleeding Democrats at a higher rate than Republicans. You can get that information from the state board of elections. Many of the people motivated to vote for Barack Obama will not vote again until the President runs again and they won't vote in the primary. A large portion of the Dems and Unaffiliated voters in the 8th are moderates or conservatives. So, unless you purge them from your party you don't have much of a chance of electing a progressive Dem in the district. But go ahead and give it a shot.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The 8th is a Democratic district

The 8th was drawn to be a competitive, but Democratic, district. Shuler and McIntyre's districts both lean significantly red, Kissell's district leans blue.

Robin Hayes was a rich talented politician much respected for his ability to buy win the Democratic district.

Democrats lose when their supporters don't trust them. The people who passionately disagree with Kissell's vote are less likely to work for his reelection, and the people who agree with Kissell's vote are now more likely to work to defeat him.

In the words of one "tea party patriot" Larry Kissell's vote against more affordable health care has "energized the Republican base more than any Republican could."

Anyone going to Kissell's campaign kickoff on the 12th? I'd like to know how it goes.

Well...this is the quote I see from your

tea party patriot....

The Democrats have just energized the Republican base more than any Republican could have tonight.

Maybe he changed it or maybe you didn't link to the page with the exact quote, but I'm afraid I'll catch something if I spend too much time on T-pig's site.

If Larry did anything to excite the Republican base it would be his vote against the Stupak amendment.

I'm going to the event, but it isn't a campaign kickoff. I'll be taking video and interviewing folks there. Will be posting it.


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.