PDNC endorses Hayes McNeill for DNC

Last night Progressive Democrats of NC endorsed Hayes McNeill for DNC. We encourage support for this progressive candidate who will speak for the thousands of North Carolinians who have not had a voice in the past. Please vote for Hayes at the State Convention this coming weekend.

Statement from Mr. Mc Neill

I believe that a new day is dawning, and that we need to put aside the politics of the past to embrace the change. I want to listen to NC Democrats, learn from them, and then carry their message to the national level.

While a DNC member should not be allied with any faction or interest, you know my membership in PDNC demonstrates my philosophical affinity to your organization. Often over the past years PDNC has blazed a trail for the Party, and all NC Democrats have benefited.

I believe the business of Democracy should be conducted above board and in the open, and that transparency and fairness are indispensable to the conduct of party politics.

I am not running for DNC be a big shot--to get my name in the paper or my face on the TV. This job is the way I can make my contribution to an institution
in which I believe. Elect me and you will see a lot of me at Democratic meetings: I won't just pop up to be re-elected.

The State Party has made great strides by reforming itself in recent years. I want to carry North Carolina's message to the national level.

Hayes McNeill

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina


When you say PDNC

How was this endorsement decided on?

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy


not to be rude, but could you tell us more about this person? I mean, other than your endorsement, I know nothing about him. I suppose you endorsed him b/c of his "progressiveness," but what exactly has he done to embody this? As someone told me once, you need to put some muscle on this skeleton here...


'I support him,' 'he would be great for the party and Raleigh.'

What I know about him

is that he was a former Forsyth Democratic party chair and is a Democratic party activist and a member of PDNC. And yes, we do try to support our own whenever possible.

I'll see if I can contact him and get him to drop by to answer your questions though.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

membership was not asked?

So, the membership of the PDNC was not asked their opinion?

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

Mr. McNeill's resume

Political Resume of Hayes McNeill, Candidate for DNC

Present - 2005 Chair, Western Task Force. A successful effort by the 11th, 10th, and 5th District Party organizations to share expertise
and strategy, in order to achieve electoral gains.

2008 - 2007 Committee member, NCDP Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Committee. Helped draft the 2008 Delegate Selection Plan for the Democratic National Convention.

2008 - 2007 Committee member, NCDP Special Platform and Resolutions Committee. Studied resolutions process for the State Party and recommended improvements that provided a more fluent path for
resolutions and which informed and empowered State Party officers to lobby for measures and initiative with wide-spread support in the State Party.

2008 - 2007, 2004 - 1998 Represented Forsyth as a member of the State Executive Committee

2004 5th District’s Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Elected as a Edwards delegate.

2005 - 2000 Chair, First Vice Chair, Forsyth County Democratic Party. As Vice Chair, responsible for HQ supervision, GOTV, fundraising,
liaison with the Democratic Men and YDs, special projects. technology

2004 Fifth District Media Committee

2000 - 1998 Recording Secretary, Forsyth County Democratic Party.
Responsible for fundraising, HQ supervision, special projects.

1994 - 1980 active in Forsyth politics at the precinct level, Precinct 704 committee

1976 - 1974 active in the Steve Neal campaigns in Wilkes County .

1972 Wilkes County Manager, Brooks Hays for 5th District Congress campaign

1972 - 1969 State president, Better Education for Students with Talent.

1968 - 1964 member, Wake Forest College Democrats

1960 - 1964 member and President (two terms), Teen Dems, Wilkes County

• I have never missed an opportunity to vote.

• I have been active in every presidential election since 1960, and I have backed the Party’s nominee.

• I maintain paid memberships in the Senior Democrats of Forsyth and the Democratic Men of Forsyth.

• I am a member of the Progressive Democrats of NC.

• I am a small businessman, owner of M&M Scriveners, a publishing consulting company. I have experience teaching on several levels, including at Wake Forest University , where I also served on the administrative staff as Assistant to President Scales. I hold a BA and an MA from WFU.

• I was born in Wake County , grew up in Wilkes, have lived in Surry, have worked in Yadkin and in Forsyth, where I have lived for thirty

• My wife served for eight years as a chief judge in a Forsyth precinct and has served as an officer in Forsyth Democratic Women.

• My father was a Democrat, a native of Surry, My mother, a native of Wake, is a Democrat, active in Wilkes.

• My sister is a Democrat, voting in Davie . My nephew voted for first time in the May primary.

• My wife and I have two grown sons, both registered and active Democrats.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Message from Hayes McNeill

Vote Hayes McNeill for DNC

There’s a new day dawning in politics. NC Democrats deserve to play their part in this time of change.

Transparency and Opportunity . The North Carolina Democratic Party has made strong strides in past years, leading our party to be fairer and more open. More than ever before, the State Executive Committee has truly reflected Democrats from across our state.

The SEC. In these times, we cannot afford to take even a single step back into the old politics of factionalism and cronyism. Once again, the SEC must show the party the way. We must be flexible, but there are some core principles we should never bend.

The DNC. At our Sunday SEC meeting, Democrats will elect five members to represent us on the DNC, at least two of whom must be males. They serve without fee or compensation from the day after our Denver convention until the day after the 2012 convention.

Policy & Bacon. In its meetings during the year, the DNC considers matters of national significance for the party: the schedule of the presidential primaries is the DNC’s responsibility. I will look diligently for ways in which DNC programs can benefit NC Democrats.

One of You. I believe my political experience and my political education commend me for one of NCDP’s male slots. My political experience is probably much like yours: teen Dems, College Dems; YDs, precinct politics, county party offices, district and regional work. I am equally at home with small county Democrats and those from larger areas.

Listen and Learn: As your DNC epresentative, I will listen to you and to other North Carolina Democrats in order to learn what you want and expect from the national party. I will translate, whenever I can, your NC Democratic values into the national debate.

Working for the SEC: I have seen the SEC move and work its will during the past ten years. I will work for you, and I will be beholden to no faction or group within the Democratic Party. You’ll see me around: I won’t just disappear and pop up at re-election time.

Ok, so Why? I’m not running for the DNC to be a big shot, to get my name in the paper, or to get my face on teevee. I am running because, like you, I am prepared to step up and serve my party at this time of political and technological change.

So, I ask for your support and for your vote. Let me serve and I’ll do my best for you.

Thank you.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Very nice, very extensive resume.

Do you know how he feels about reforming the primary process and the electoral process in general? What are the issues he is most concerned with that the DNC has jurisdiction over?

If you don't feel like being a intermediary, that's ok. Just wondering.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?